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How to get connected for less

Telecoms services have become more expensive in Myanmar over the past year. Here’s how to get more for each Kyat spent on telecoms.

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Two regulatory changes introduced in December 2021 and in January 2022 have led to changes in the pricing of telecoms services. Firstly, the reintroduction of the minimum tariff regime for telecoms services, the so-called “price floor”, means that telecoms operators are not allowed to sell voice or data services below a certain price and are also constrained from giving discounts or bonus data to customers. Secondly, amendments to the Union Tax Law imposed a one-time activation fee of MMK 20,000 for each new SIM card and increased the tax rate for data services to 15% (up from 5%).

As a result, the minimum price for 1GB data has more than doubled in less than 2 months. The price of voice and SMS services, however, has only increased by 20%. What should consumers do to get the most out of their telecoms spending in 2022? Here are some recommendations:

1. Stick with and take care of your SIM card

Earlier, you could easily obtain free data by regularly acquiring new SIM cards. With the new SIM tax and the already existing limitations on how many SIM cards can be registered on your ID (NRC or passport), it becomes more valuable to stick with your existing SIM card and instead buy recharge packs. Telenor Myanmar SIMs can be recharged via the MyTelenor app or in any of our retail stores or through mobile banking and digital wallet.

2. Make the most of your data experience

With higher prices on data services and limited price differentiation between providers, it becomes more important to ensure you can enjoy the best possible data service. If you are connecting via mobile, make sure you are in a location with good coverage. If connecting via a fixed line, avoid places where a lot of people connect at the same time. Telenor Myanmar’s mobile network is consistently rated the best data experience in Myanmar.

3. Substitute data traffic with voice and SMS when possible

Data traffic has the advantage of providing encrypted and enriched services such as video communication or group chat functionality. Before placing a call, consider whether you might as well use a regular voice call or send an SMS, as these services have become relatively more affordable. Many of our skill-based games in MyTelenor App also let you win balance that can be used for voice or SMS services. You can also check out innovations such as the offline group chat service SMS Sagar Wine recently launched by Telenor Myanmar. Voice Conference Call will enable to have a virtual discussion or chit chat with families and beloved ones over the VOICE call.

4. Stop streaming, start downloading

Streaming movies and music on apps such as Netflix and Spotify while you are on commute might sounds good but it can consume a lot of data. Be sure to download all your favorite movies, series and songs while your device is connected to Wi-Fi. Telenor Home Internet via Power Fiber or Wireless broadband (WTTX) is an affordable Wi-Fi service with stable and unlimited data connection (Terms and Conditions apply). By using Telenor Home Internet instead, the total cost can be reduced greatly while browsing internet for learning, business, and etc. Please check it out for more information.

5. Disable Auto download and restrict app background data

Apps in our mobile always need to be updated but updating these apps consume data a lot. And also, most mobile apps are consuming mobile data a lot since those apps are always refresh data background and always download updates automatically. Thus, check the app’s data usage and enable restrict app background data for specific app that consuming data too much to avoid high data usages. Also make sure to select “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi” and it will help to reduce unnecessary mobile data usage.

6. Turn off location services (GPS) and unnecessary notifications

Location Services (GPS) on mobile devices and notifications can consume the mobile data unknowingly. In order to increase productivity and decrease data usage, turn off location services (GPS) and notifications from unnecessary apps like games and streaming services. Only turn on notifications for time-sensitive information like email, banking information and other communication apps.

Telenor is committed to provide affordable connectivity, and we will continue to explore ways to offer innovative services that improves access and extends the benefits of being connected to all.



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Telenor Myanmar

Telenor Myanmar

Telenor Myanmar was a mobile operator in Myanmar 2014–2022. The company will be operating under new brand from July 2022.