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State of Myanmar telecoms — Q3 2021

Myanmar has four modern telecommunications networks connecting people across the country. In times of uncertainty, robust connectivity is essential. Below is an update of telecoms operations in Myanmar as of Q3 2021.

What impacts telecoms operations?

The performance and reliability of telecommunications networks are impacted by several factors — from weather conditions, access to stable power sources, malfunction of equipment, software or IT issues, or issues concerning physical access to tower sites.

In addition, operations may be affected by regulatory interventions and legal obligations. It is currently not possible to be open about orders from authorities in Myanmar, and hence this overview does not cover the operational impact of these.

Physical network security under threat

All telecoms towers are secured by physical barriers and fences, which is regularly monitored by Telenor Myanmar’s business sustainability team. Physical security is the responsibility of tower operators, and TML is collaborating closely with its tower partners to ensure sites are sufficiently protected.

Recent events in Myanmar show that the physical security of tower sites is under pressure. News reports of sabotage and vandalization on telecoms tower have appeared in Myanmar media and social media since mid-September 2021. Reports of injuries to operations and maintenance personnel on tower sites have also confirmed that a number of sites have been fitted with anti-personnel mines.

In response, Telenor Myanmar has launched a comprehensive program to address tower site security. TML has also decided not to service any suspected or confirmed mined tower site, and will not restore vandalized sites unless the security situation allows such work to take place.

Up to 800,000 telecoms customers impacted by Q3 2021

Telenor Myanmar estimates that because of unsafe access condition due to ongoing conflict, sabotage and mining, and for other factors, approximately 800,000 customers in Myanmar are unable to fully access mobile and data communications services.

This number reflects the impact of physical threats on TML’s network, which consists of 8,900 sites across 330 townships. It can be assumed that the other three mobile networks in Myanmar are affected in more or less the same degree.

Other factors impacting connectivity

Mobile telecoms networks consist of towers connected by signals and fiber. All sites are connected through more than one route (redundancy) to ensure resilience of networks. Connectivity may be temporarily interrupted if fiber cuts happen several places at the same time. Calling Customer Care may provide confirmation on whether your local tower has been affected by such actions.

There are currently authority orders limiting connectivity in parts of Myanmar. The scope or duration of these orders are not public information, and all operators are obliged under law to implement these. While Telenor in the past has provided some aggregated data on authority orders to limit connectivity either fully (voice and data) or partially (data only), it is not possible to do so in the current situation.

Advice to the public and partners

Telenor Myanmar advises the public not to go near telecoms towers, and to particularly keep children and other family members away from such sites.

Any staff conducting operations and maintenance work on telecoms tower are advised to contact the tower company’s operation center to confirm the safety of any site before entering.

If you notice anything irregular near or on telecoms tower sites, please reach out to the tower company or contact the call centre of the mobile operator with equipment on the site.



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Telenor Myanmar

Telenor Myanmar

Telenor Myanmar was a mobile operator in Myanmar 2014–2022. The company will be operating under new brand from July 2022.