First teleport II

Part 2

Benedetto waits anxious for the clerk to explain what is the option for getting to New York now that he lost his trip. He knew that often it was quite hard to book a travel with less than one week in advance, due to the way the teleports worked and how busy they were.

Nowadays each teleport is equipped with a number of teleportation cylinders, that can go up to 1000 in the biggest teleport. The teleportation happened between two of those cylinder, one in each location, and they could only accommodates one passenger at a time. The whole teleportation process took around 2 minutes, but people would have an excess of 2 minutes to make sure they could enter and leave the cylinders properly and safely. Each teleport would have a part of the cylinders dedicated to arrivals and another to departures, and those functions were fixed. With the timescales involved, and me mean number of travelers a day, most of the teleport were fully booked everyday, and there was no way to squeeze someone in.

However, the clerk explained to Benedetto, that if instead of going directly to New York he went through several teleports around the globe, choosing the least preferred routes, he would be able to get to New York in time. Since teleportation was still expensive, for some short routes people would often prefer to go by train or car, and those were the routes she hoped to fit Benedetto in.

— But it will cost me a fortune! — He claimed without nictitate.

— No exactly, or at least, not as much as you expect. We offer the “world tickets”, that gives you the allowance to travel as many times as you want within a given amount of time.

— Oh, I see…how much are those? — He said a bit relieved, as he could already picture that averaging out the people that buy those kind of tickets and how many travels they are able to do, there was a good chance the price wouldn’t be insanely expensive.

The clerk shown him the price on the screen. He nodded and offer her his thumbs to start the payment. She scanned his fingerprints and his iris as well and waited for the bank to authorize the request. Benedetto was already thinking how tiring it would be to go on such a long route, but a few seconds after it was all done and he didn’t have enough time to suffer much from anticipation.

She handled him the itinerary and he thanked firmly. Benedetto was now on his way to the first stop: Paris.

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