The TeleX AI token presale (ICO) is about to go live! You may get information about the project at telexai.com or by joining our Telegram group. Below is a lightweigh FAQ for the TL;DR generation.

Who can participate in the ICO?

We do not impose any restrictions on that regard as soon as it is legal for the ICO participant to buy digital currencies. Participants are accepted from the US and China as well.

Is there a whitelist or KYC process?

No. All you need is an email address to join the ICO. Just navigate to the Presale Page and register.

What is the price of TLX?

The price of 1 TLX is 0.075 USD. With the bonuses, the tariff looks like this:

Example: If you deposit $1500 in the first day, it gives you 30k tokens. The same amount of deposit will bring 20k tokens on the last day.

How do I buy TLX?

After registering at the Presale Page, you will be prompted to your user panel. There you will see your deposit addresses for BTC and ETH. As you transfer coins to those addresses, your token balance will be updated based on the market prices of BTC and ETH. Give it 3 confirmations before the transaction shows up in your order history.

How will I receive my TLX tokens?

The instructions to claim your tokens will be sent to the email address with which you register at the Presale Page. You may get your tokens sent to your Ethereum address, e.g., MyEtherWallet.

When will I receive my TLX tokens?

The token distribution will take place shortly after the end of the ICO and before the new year.

When does the ICO end?

The presale ends on December 21st, 2017 at 12pm UTC.

What is the hard cap?

The hardcap for the presale is 3 million USD.

How many TLX tokens will there be in existence?

The total supply of TLX is 72 million.

I have a question that’s not listed here.

You’re very welcome in our Telegram group at https://t.me/telexai for further inquiries.

Website · Bitcointalk · Presale Page · Facebook · Twitter
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