EU UK step up Northern Ireland talks

EU UK step up Northern Ireland talks

BRUSSELS/LONDON (Reuters) — Forex Trading Signals / The European Union insisted on Friday that Britain not change trading rules in Northern Ireland on its own.

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European Commission vice president Maros Sefcovic hosted UK negotiator David Frost for talks on Thursday evening and said that only agreements by joint bodies established by the Brexit divorce deal could provide stability in Northern Ireland.

Pound Above Lows Despite EU Warning

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Britain in March unilaterally extended a grace period on certain checks to minimise supply disruption, a move Brussels said breached the Brexit divorce deal known as the Withdrawal Agreement and the specific protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland.

Sefcovic said in a statement on Friday there was no space for unilateral action. He said both sides had to agreed how to comply fully with the protocol, including “clear end-points, deadlines, milestones and the means to measure progress”.

Managing Risk Efficiently in Six Steps

Managing Risk Efficiently in Six Steps

“But a number of difficult issues remained and it was important to continue to discuss them,” the British government said in a statement.

EU says hours left for a Brexit deal

EU UK step up Northern Ireland talks

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EU UK step up Northern Ireland talks




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