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Forex Signals

While foreign exchange trading can be incredibly lucrative, you need to utilize the most reliable forex tools available to you in order to save you spending hours of watching and waiting for possible entry and exit points. This is where FX signals can help, they are available for anyone who hasn’t quite got the time to deeply examine the market — allowing you to pre-set the limit-level and stop-levels for your trades. Pre-setting this information removes the limit to profit-making opportunities

Telegram Forex Signals

Get access to over 50 FX Signals FX sources of Daily Forex Signals via Telegram in a VIP Channel — EUR/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, NZD/USD and USD/CAD, Gold, Oil and many many more.. Up to 15 FX Signals + Gold Signals per day!

  • Daily Telegram FX Signals
    — Over 7,100 Members
    — The Pro’s Choice
    — More Signals
  • Alerts/Signals From Up To 50 Sources
  • Entry, Exit ,Stop Loss
  • 6 -15 Daily Forex Signals FX
  • Up to 5 Gold Signals Daily
  • 1–3 Targets Per Trade
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Weekly Pips Count
  • Free MT4 Indicator worth $247
  • Pay via Card,PayPal
  • Payment on

How Does The FxPremiere Forex Signals Service Work?

We offer 50 plus Forex Signals sources as intermediate marketing firm for prices starting from $37 per month — We offer a free service, and a premium subscription plan — more on this later.

Regardless of which plan you are on, our automated telegram delivery technology will run advanced signal sources sent to your channel on every signal obtained from its sources on most major and minor currency pairs, alongside a number of exotics, too.

Once a signal has been identified, we will then notify our members via the FxPremiere Telegram Channel.

This is what your signal might look like:

  • Currency Pair: GBP/USD
  • Signal: GBP is heavily overbought on the RSI
  • Order: Sell Order
  • Entry Price: 1.3580
  • Stop-Loss: 1.3600
  • Take-Profit: 1.2400

As you can see from the above, our forex signals will always contain key pieces of information.

Let’s explore some of these crucial pieces of data in more detail.

Currency Pair

This simply refers to the currency pair that the FxPremiere signal relates to. In most cases, this will either be a major or minor pair.

FX Signal

The signal provides a brief summary of what the algorithm has found. In other words, this forms the basis of the FxPremiere signal sources signal that you will then proceed to trade.

The RSI (relative strength Index) is a key technical indicator utilized by traders. This, along with dozens of other advanced charting tools, assists the algorithm when it is scanning the markets for trading opportunities.

Entry Price

The FxPremiere signal sources are the best online that will also identify the most effective entry point for the fx trade.

Stop-Loss Price

This is one of the two exit prices that the FxPremiere signal sources will provide. The stop-loss price refers to the price in which the trade will be automatically closed at if the signal’s prediction does not come to fruition.

Crucially, it ensures that your losses are always mitigated.

Take-Profit Price

This operates much like a stop-loss order, but in reverse. For example, the signal lets you know what price the trade should be closed at when a certain profit point is met.

Is The Forex Signal Service Really Free?

Although it is correct that FxPremiere also offers a premium service, we do provide a number of free signals to those that are yet to subscribe from our free Telegram Channel.

With this in mind, we allow our free members to receive up to 2 signals per day totally free. You’ll be able to get our signals from the FxPremiere telegram group, and of course — try them out for yourself before making a commitment.

If you then decide that you want to upgrade to the premium plan, you will gain access to our full members VIP Telegram Channel. This means that you will get up to 15 signals per day, 5 days per week.

Note: FxPremiere also offers a way for you to join our premium service for free. Simply join one of our recommended broker listed on this website via the sign-up link, meet the broker’s minimum deposit amount, and we’ll upgrade you. In doing so, you’ll have access to our VIP Telegram Channel for 3 months.

What Are Forex Signals Based On?

As we noted in the section above, the FxPremiere signal sources service is based exclusively on technical and fundamental analysis form 50 plus signal sources. The automated telegram technology will utilize heaps of well-known technical indicators and advanced charting tools.

This includes:

Fibonacci Retracement Levels

Fibonacci retracement levels are also important in the fx signal space. The technical indicators attempts to find a medium-to-long-term trend, followed by a target entry points.

Support And Resistance Levels

Support and resistance levels are crucial in the world of forex signal trading.

A forex pricing signal will look to assess where the key support and resistance levels are, and how its members should trade when one of these levels are broken.

Bollinger Bands

While Fibonacci indicators are concerned with catching a market correction, Bollinger Bands analyze the relationship between price and volatility.

Moving Averages

One of the common indicators utilized by forex signal providers is that of the moving averages. For those unaware, this particular indicator seeks to calculate the average price of a forex pair

What To Consider When Choosing A Forex Signals Provider?

So now that you know what forex signals are, how they work, and the types of technical indicators that assists the underlying algorithm — you are might be looking to join a forex signal provider right now. Take note, there are thousands of so-called expert signals providers active in the market. However, very few are able to meet the hyperbole claims that they often make. So FxPremiere are the only intermediate Marketing firm that offers you over 50 signal sources all in one channel for one small monthly price! Its an easy decision to subscribe!

Don’t forget, signals are only as good as the person or company providing them. While certain signal providers will possess a much better success rate than others, there is no guarantee that you will make money. Ultimately, nobody can predict the future — as the forex markets often operate in an irrational manner so FxPremiere signal sources are the best option for you as you have over 50 top signal sources in one channel — rather than going to each signal provider and paying for each.

With that said, below you will find some of the considerations that you need to make before signing up for a forex signal service.


First, you need to assess how much the forex signals provider is going to cost you. We are very upfront about our fees here at FxPremiere signal sources. Our members have the choice of joining our free signal service — which permits up to 2 trading alerts per day.

Alternatively, the premium service — which starts at just over $19.99 per month for XAUUSD on a monthly plan, will give you access to 3–5 signals per week or the $37 per month for up to 15 signals per day for XAUUSD and FOREX Signals — Monday to Friday. You are never under any obligation to upgrade, so if 2 signals per day is all you want -that’s all you will get!

Free FX Signal Trial

It’s crucial that you choose a forex signals provider that allows you to test the product out first. It really gives you an idea of what you will receive from the start. That is why we offer the free forex signals trial group on telegram

With that in mind, this is why FxPremiere offers a free forex signal service. In doing so, we are confident that you will make the decision to upgrade to our premium plan once you have had the chance to assess our trading results.

Types Of Forex Signal Pairs

Some forex signals providers will specialize in certain trading pairs — like EUR/USD or GBP/USD. In the case of FxPremiere, our 50 signal sources has the capacity to analyze dozens of majors, minors, and exotics — subsequently giving you the greatest number of trading opportunities throughout the day

Alerts And Notifications

You often won’t have long to capitalize on an upcoming forex signal, so it’s essential that you are notified as soon as an opportunity arises. This is why we alert you the second a trading suggestion has been identified.

You will receive a notification via Telegram in real-time. Once you’ve obtained the required information, you can place your trade immediately totally at your own risk ofcourse.

Technicals and Fundamentals

While the majority of forex signals providers focus on the technical analysis, some will also explore fundamental news events. This is where the signals are based on real-world current affairs manual 50 plus signal sources come into great effect

Track Record And Reputation

As we have mentioned throughout our guide thus far, a forex signal is only as good as the person or company that provides it. On the one hand, there is no knowing how successful a forex signal provider is until you actually try them out for yourself. We do not offer myfxbook as FxPremiere are strictly an intermediary marketing service for 50 plus signal sources!

Once again, this is why we offer a free forex signal service here at FxPremiere. With that said, our success rate on winning trades to date is 75%. In real-terms, this amounts to an average monthly profit of between 35–45%.


In summary, forex signals allow you to take advantage of trading suggestions facilitated by automated algorithms. In the case of FxPremiere, our signals are based on advanced technical indicators and charting tools by our 50 plus signal sources. This includes the likes of Moving Averages, Fibonacci Retracement levels, and Bollinger Bands -as well as key Support and Resistance levels.

What Are Forex Signals?

In its most simplest form, a forex trading signals is a trading alert that seeks to speculate on which way a particular currency pair is likely to go in the very close future. The suggestion — which will either be provided by an automated signal service or a human analyst in fxpremiere case its sources as an intermediary marketing firm — will suggest a time and price that the trade should be made. The overarching concept of forex signal is that they are designed to alert you when a potential trading opportunity arises.

Contact Us Anytime, we are here to answer all enquirers within 24 hours on business days. Live chat replies for Telegram open from 9AM-11PM Switzerland time frames

There are no delays with Forex Signals Alerts, as we use state of the Art Cloud technology. We have over 56 Servers located all around the world for Prompt Delivery so Contact Us with any questions you may have.

FxPremiere | | FXSignals.Services |

By signing up as a member you acknowledge that we are not providing tax, financial advice nor investment advice and that you are making a the decision to copy our trades on your own account. We take no responsibility whatsoever for money made or lost as a result of our signals or advice on forex signals related products we offer.




Forex Signals via Telegram Online

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