A peacock at casa de fruta in hollister, ca/jennie josephson

Roadside Attraction: The Unexpected Magic of Casa de Fruta

Jennie Josephson
Jun 26, 2013 · 8 min read
Nothing against The Best Western. We have stayed in some fine ones. This one just happened to have a pissed off dude in the lobby. (Courtesy: Google Earth)
Mama peacock and the three babies.

A Simpler Time

The next morning, I woke early, slipped out of the incredibly comfortable bed, and went exploring. Mama and her chicks were awake, pecking in the grass. I met the groundskeeper. He told me that Casa de Fruta was more than 100 years old. He said he’d worked there for thirty years, and his parents had worked there for forty. Then he offered me a yellow aprium that his wife had bought at the fruit stand. The fruit was ripe, dribbling, and delicious — all of summer in a fragile skin.

Hello, bull.
I don’t know what it does, but I bet it would hurt if you did it wrong.
He’s just that into me.
Trains, grins,and boccalone.

The New Idea

Like any good weekend, this one didn’t end in the starry night, but at breakfast. After the meal, away from the hustle of Casa de Everything, six of us walked the path for the last time.

This stove was my second favorite thing on the path.
It always there, just waiting for you.

Tell It Anyway

We just want to write all these stories we’ve been living

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    Tell It Anyway

    We just want to write all these stories we’ve been living