What’s the Craziest Way You Ever Saw Anyone Price a Used Record Album?

The meaning of “normal” for record collectors changed in the ’70s with the publication of the hobby’s first price guides.

This grainy photo of Nancy Sinatra was cropped from the front cover of her album SUGAR (Reprise 6239) from 1967. (Image: personal collection)

WHAT IS THE CRAZIEST WAY to put a price on a record album that I ever saw? It happened forty years ago in a thrift shop in San Francisco and I…




Articles, essays, conversations, and reviews of music and records from the ’60s and beyond.

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Neal Umphred

Neal Umphred

Mystical Liberal likes long walks in the city at night in the rain alone with an umbrella and flask of 10-year-old Laphroaig.

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