One Good(e) Woman: A Biography

Me and my sister, now Anna Fowler

The Goode name is one that has both blessed and plagued generations. The ambiguous pronunciation (does it rhyme with “wood” or “food?”) leaves the playing field wide open for copious amounts of puns regarding every “good” joke you can imagine.

I used to hate my surname. It was unusual, hard to pronounce, and caused giggles whenever I said that it was pronounced like “gewd” instead of “good.” I was called a “GOODEY-two-shoes” throughought elementary school. I am constantly asked how it’s pronounced, and when giving my last name for reservations or unimportant matters, I’ve begun to simply say “Good,” in order to save time and energy for both parties involved. However, I recently discovered something that made me hold on to my last name, see it in a different light, and treasure it more than I ever have before.

I’m the last Goode there is.

The thought struck me and my parents out of the blue, on Easter weekend 2017. My sister just got married, and both my dad and uncle only had girls. My cousins both married several years ago, and Anna legally changed her name to Fowler just last week. With the 3 other “Goode Girls” married and new names taken, I am the only one left to continue the name in my family.

Suddenly, it seems only fitting that I should be the one documenting the history of the Goodes. It almost seems like I’m drawing the name to a close, wrapping it up neatly for future generations to look back and smile upon.

I feel an odd sense of responsibility now to uphold the Goode name for as long as I am able. Eventually, I’ll likely get married and it will be gone with the wind, a [mostly] fond memory from my early life. But while I’m still a Goode, I might as well make it worth something.

It’s become a part of who I am now whether I like it or not, with many old friends referring to me only as “Sophie Goode,” and I don’t know what I’ll do when I no longer have constant puns bombarding me. But for now, I’ll hold on to it and enjoy it while it lasts, and be proud of the Goode name while I still can.

It could be much worse, so I suppose all in all it’s not a bad last name. I guess you could even say it’s pretty… goode.

A more updated photo of Anna and me
The rare display of sisterly love
The newlyweds, right after the ceremony