6 Interesting and Positive Rules You Can Use To Build A Good Personality.

6 Interesting Things You Can Use To Build A Good Personality.

Listen up people! What are you doing right now? Are you in your house doing nothing in bed watching crap shows on TV and wondering why your life sucks?

Got a fancy cell phone and no one is calling or texting you?

Why is that?

I’m sure you know some people you like to hang with? But why aren’t they calling you? Could it be? That something is wrong if you? Could be that you are giving out a depressive vibe that make people run away from you?

Could it be that your personality have something to do with it?

Believe it or not your personality has a lot to do with how you come across to people whether they are friends or strangers. People are not attracted to people who have no personality who give out either a bad vibe or a depressive vibe. So why not start investing yourself into a good personality?

Ever notice how certain people who are always positive seem attract others to them. Ever notice how a room lightens up when a person you know has a positive outlook in life and then becomes the center of the group?

Well look no further as I’m going to tell you what you need to do to build up your personality and turn your misery into a more better you!

You don’t have to worry as anyone can train themselves to have a good personality. With work and practice you can shake off your boring and depressive personality and create a good personality! All you have to do is put to practice these 6 things and watch how your life will start to change for the better. When you have a good personality its like you become a magnet to every thing that life has to offer.

Having a good personality can help a person find love, find success and an all out just better life.

So what are the 6 things you need to practice on? I’m going to tell you right now!

Are you ready?

Lets begin!

1. The Smile:

Too often these days people walk around with frowns all day. You see it every where you go you are surrounded by unhappy people. So when a person smiles others will respond in kind and slowly you can feel the room become less somber and more upbeat and happier.

A smile is like finding a Diamond in a plain old rock. People will become attracted to it because of its brilliance. Everyone loves a smile! Don’t believe me test it out when you are out and about doing things as a matter of fact go to a store and ask a store worker for help and smile and watch how quickly they respond. Especially if you call them by their first name on their name tag. They will stop what they are doing and help you because you approached them with a smile so their guard was let down instantly.

This is the easiest of the 6 things you should do because when you smile it not just makes you feel good but it makes other people feel just as good and the more you do it the more you find yourself smiling all the time. I know for me when I say “Hello” I tend to smile no matter how much i try not to it just automatically happens.

Once you become addicted in smiling you are ready to proceed to the next phase!

This goes great with a smile and that is?

2. Self-Confidence:

It never ceases to amaze me how there are so many people with very little confidence in themselves. Having self confidence is part of the foundation of having a good personality. I know for me I had very low self-confidence. I was afraid of moving ahead because I did not think I was able to achieve that goal I had at that time.

We become scared of actually seeing ourselves become a success. Instead we hide in the darkness never really talking or meeting anyone. Having self-confidence can help any man become what he always wanted to be. How are you going to bang that hot chick if you are afraid to talk to her? Because you feel she is way out of your league! How can you make that decision if you do not go up to her and say “Hello”.

When you smile and have self-confidence people will immediately respond to you men and women alike.

How do you build that self-confidence? By going out there and doing it! Yes I know you will feel very uncomfortable at first and a bumbling idiot, but with practice you will get better. I know I had to push myself out there even if I did not want to. But as time passed I became more and more comfortable in solidifying my self-confidence and you know what? I can walk into a room and mingle without being afraid or feeling inadequate.

Are you still with me?


Lets continue!

3. Become Comfortable Around People:

There are many people out there who are afraid to meet new people. Instead they continue to follow the same old boring social circle of a few friends rather than meeting new people and finding new social circles. Its like people forgot how to engage others! And no Social Media does not count as being around people. I swear these so called smart phones have done nothing but make people reach out to others less.

Its important to be comfortable around people as it helps you learn about different cultures and doing new things you never thought were possible.

When I start a new job i make it a point of walking around and introducing myself to others. It shows to others that you have a good personality and are confident in yourself because most people would just rather hide and blend in rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

Start with the people who live in your building and say “Hello!” with a smile and some self-confidence mixed in I guarantee you will get a smile and a “Hello!” back as well.

Think of it like building a network of people who one day will help you when you need it even back you up when you are in trouble! All because you did the three things above.

4. Don’t Be So Judgmental:

There a lot of people who like to point out other people’s faults and failures rather than putting that to side. No one wants to hear about their misgivings or negative past. If you are one of these judgmental people then you need to stop! And get rid of that behavior because its rending you to be alone all of the time.

The thing is we are all judgmental of others. Its okay! I’m talking about the little things people get so bent out of shape about like smoking! Personally who cares if a person smokes or not! You are not their to be their babysitter, their Mother or Father. If they want to go ahead and mess up their lungs then that is their doing and not yours.

I understand you care about them and all but in reality we are all adults and as adults we should know the differences of good and bad.

Have fun and live your life! Stop worrying about what the other people are doing and worry about what is going on in your world. Once you do this people will not be so apprehensive to hang out with you. Just chill!

5. Good Attitude:

Having a good attitude is paramount to building a good personality. A bad attitude will lead you to a lonely existence! I should know as I know quite a few people who are living this way now. They have bad attitudes! Holding on to the past and wondering why their life sucks and why no one wants to hang with them!

A bad attitude sucks all of the positive energy from others. So much so that the other people around this person with a bad attitude become tired as well as irritable to a point that they to adopt the bad attitude without even noticing. Bad attitudes will tend to keep a person from moving forward in life and avoid the light of success instead they stay in dark. Many people will tend to avoid people like these because they are just a drag and not worth the time.

So my advice my friend is to lighten up life is not that bad and to make it even better for you may i add that you can also change it for the better by building a good personality. Go ahead and let the sunshine in your life again and be happy!

6. Be Open To Your Environment:

Yes folks another of the 6 things you need to do to build a good personality is to be open to the world around you. Allow life to sink in and feel the power of the world around you! Go for a walk in a park, enjoy the sun outside and have a chat with an old friend at the local coffee shop. Anything to soak up those rays of goodness and feel the power!

When you are open to your environment you invite things into life like Love, Success, Friendships, Money as well as opportunities that never existed for you when you were living in the dark. How do you think successful people are so successful? Because they allow themselves to be open to their environment along with a good personality people will be more than happy to be around you.

Put down that smart phone and look around at the world in front of you. Realize that when you are closed to your environment nothing will blossom as the darkness will never allow anything to grow.

Be open my friend! Its a refreshing feeling!

Those are the 6 things you can practice on to build yourself a good personality. Remember to build a good personality takes time especially when you have negative habits that you have been using time after time. You will need to change the way you see life and build from there. As time passes that once negative out look you had will light up into a positive one! Just like the night turns into day.

Today is the day for you to change!

To allow those things you want in your life!

Start building yourself a good personality!

Do you agree that having a good personality can help a person progress? Comment and let me know below!