An open letter to Momma

Happy Father’s Day to my QUEEN!

Thank you for being the best KING that you could be.

Dad passed on in ‘94. I bet he’s BEEN resting in peace knowing that you got this Momma. ‘Cause you got it Momma. You got me Momma. You’ve always had us Momma.

I remember how it was growing with only you to support us Momma.
3 girls, 0 dads and 1 paycheck that was barely enough but we made it through Momma.
You did everything to ensure that we grew up with silver spoons in our mouths. Truthfully speaking, we knew that it was nothing more than shiny plastic, but hell, we appreciate it Momma.

Who would have thought a TEENAGE MOM would rise above and raise a CA, an entrepreneur and a musician? I mean look at us, Momma!? We got our BEAST game strong!

Who would have thought a woman who only managed to get her degree at 28 would push her baby girl to making history, gracing international TV screens and magazines by 19? I mean look at me, Momma!? The world says I’m one of the greats, Momma!

Who would have thought a woman who only managed to buy a small two-bedroom house at 40, would have her two baby girls growing up to cop’ German machines and bank balances that others could only dream of!? I mean look us, Momma!? We made it!

Shit, I wish I had listened to you more Momma. You always said it Kuzo’slugela but I couldn’t believe that. Maybe that’s why I cried so much when I heard the roar of my bae-coupe for the first time.

YOU did it Momma! You reigned supreme as Queen AND King. Look at what you have done, Momma!?
Nhlanhla was CFO at 30
I was an well-renowned entrepreneur billing 20k per 45min talk at 21
Shit, can you imagine just how much Nosipho is going to be killing it at my age!?

Aaaaaaaaaw they envy us Momma.
They don’t know where we come from Momma.
They don’t know just how much we struggled Momma.
They don’t know how much of your hard work, sweat and tears we witnessed Momma.
Those tears still haunt me Momma…


We…nah..YOU..YOU did it Momma. You made us better than you — and if the world knew just how remarkable you are, they would be trembling when imagining the heights that we are going to reach due to your efforts, Momma.

I can’t wait to put you in that Mansion on the hills Momma. I can’t wait to hand you the keys to that Bentley Coupe, Momma. Just let me hustle Momma. I’ma have you soon Momma.