Are Your Dreams Really What You Say They Are?

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“There’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success”- J. Cole, Love Yourz

Are your dreams really what you think they are? Do you really want to be that doctor, lawyer, accountant? I think most people say these things because it is their vision of success. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc are the vision of a successful human being to those young, suburban minds so people aspire to reach that level of success. But are these people successful in life or just economically successful? Are they happy or just wealthy?

For awhile I was nervous to share my dreams with the world, my family, my friends and my teachers and strangers. I always would say I’m not sure what I wanted to do in life even though I always did know. I felt I had to lie because people would’t take me serious. That was when I was bothered by what other people thought. I decided I won’t live a life of unhappiness. I won’t just to go to graduate school because it looks impressive or do a job that my peers will approve of and live a life of averageness. I want to affect the lives of many and make people all around the world smile. My goal is to connect the world through laughs.

If you are on this Earth and you haven’t made someone’s life better then what are you even doing? Don’t strive to be average, strive to be the best person you can be and change the world. Stop dreaming small and don’t stop at anything to achieve them. It won’t be easy, but just know I, and millions of others are with you! I don’t even look at it that the odds are stacked against me. I know the entertainment industry is very political and difficult but I have one thing that will get me to my goal. I have a burning passion to achieve my dreams and I will never give up on my future. I believe there is a place for me in entertainment right now and will not take a backseat to those who think differently. I have the talent, in my opinion, but so do hundreds of thousands of others, however my internal drive for success is stronger than anyone else. And that success isn’t economic success, but is happiness.

J. Cole , in an interview, said the problem with this world is that people always strive for money, sex and success but those things provoke greed. He says you can never have enough money, you can never have enough women and you can never be too successful. The only way to stop this vicious cycle is love. Love is something that you can always be happy with. All you need is a loving family, loving friends or even just one person to love you, and you’ll feel fulfilled. That is why I strive for happiness and love, not money. Yes, money is a byproduct of the entertainment industry but I didn’t want to be a talk show host because of the money. I had a talent, a passion and my heart drew me to this career choice. (Religion can also lead you to love and happiness-just pointing that out. I believe people should believe in something, whatever it is, just don’t sit around complaining why your life isn’t where you want and blaming the world and watching Netflix thinking all will get better that way).

Choose a profession that you enjoy doing and you will always have a sense of fulfillment. Stop setting material goals. “In two years I want to buy a Porsche, in six months I want that new Prada bag, in three months I want those new Jordans.” How about “I want to be happy.” Material things will become a byproduct of what you love to do in life, but should never be the goal. Love and happiness should be the goal.

“This [Life] is my canvas, I’ll paint it how I want it”-J. Cole, Apparently

Originally published at on May 1, 2015.