Dear Daughters,

I am not going to preach, nag or lecture you. I know by now it will go in one ear and out the other. You will not absorb nothing I say for the fear I might be right. I decided to write you an open letter. More than anything I hope to inspire you, encourage and send nothing but love not hate. There is enough evil people to go around doing that.

Today, this isn’t about the wrong you do or right. It is about leaving you with what I’ve learned through out life.

I share with you wisdom. I pray you take it and learn from my mistakes. I hope love is forever flowing to you and you realize what is inside of you. I recognize your beauty, your strengths, your potential and most of all your heart and soul.

1.Fall in Love with your inner person.

Here is my truth it took me a long time to love myself. At 18, I couldn’t see my inner beauty because I desired to be like others. I never knew I was acceptable. I couldn’t recognize the princess developing into a Queen. I was always living in someone’s shadows. I was looking for acceptance and who I was as a person. Find yourself, like yourself, and most of all fall in love with You.

2. Excuses are worthless.

I’ve made too many to count. I believed in them until I realize no one cares about them. Push pass your excuses and just do. Don’t delay your promise in life. Work hard now and play later. You deserve the best in life why settle.


In my darkest hour and at my most indecisive moment I learned prayer works. Even if I don’t get an immediate answer it soothes me. It brings calm and peace. God is around us and in us. He hears you and I know he answers right on time. Let me share that I pray for you more than I pray for myself. I worry and I fear because I want nothing to happen to you.

4.Life is not Fair!

It never will be and the lesson you must learn is to survive. To know no one likes the victim and neither should you. Life has thrown me some curve balls and at this very moment I don’t know how I survived. To face life you have to be willing to fight for yours. Their have been many of days I wanted to die because it seemed easier. I thought of each of you and the lesson I’d leave behind. I live in courage every time I face adversity. I live in strength when I accept life challenges. Whether I lose or win I face my fears. I step up and push forward. It is my prayer and advice for you.

5. Love Does Not Hurt!

I love you unconditionally and though I do not agree with all you do. You are growing and from the mistakes you make I hope you learn a lesson. The man who chooses to love you will show you better. He will treat you like a Queen. He will not look at you as just a sex object. He will want better for you and never break your spirit. He will encourage you, mentor, be your friend, and give you the best of him.

I’ve settled for less and through that I learned that I will never tolerate, sacrifice my self-worth and settle just because I fear being alone. Please don’t waste your time on someone who treats you less than you deserve.

Lastly, in my growing I’ve learned a mother’s love is everlasting. In imperfection I found being your Mom has taught me about life. It has taught me to love from a place deeper than my heart. I look at your beauty, your smiles, your individuality and all I ever want is the best for you. I want you to see what I see. I want you to believe in you as I do. To see your destiny and riches God will provide just for you. Beautiful princesses Tallissa, Alisha, Alexis and Alice. You are Master pieces and fine art. Live your dreams. Live your life to best of your ability and know you are priceless jewels.

Love your Mother forever and a day,

Tamyara Brown

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