Growing Stronger: Trends vs Patience

What’s Your Poison?

What type of “Fitness” are you in to? Do you enjoy outdoor sports, bodybuilding type workouts in the gym, marathon running or yoga? Is there something that intrigues you about moving your body that creates a deep bond with your mind and spirit? What if I told you that training your body goes beyond the superficial muscle, weight loss and aesthetics which are only the by products?

It’s true, BUT it only happens if you start to make the distinction between “getting stronger” and “training stronger”. Now I relate to strength within the 3rd Pillar of P.O.W.E.R ( where external ROI in the form of increased muscle size, relative and absolute strength, weight loss, lean body mass and a more self-appealing physique are created. It’s within the parameters of strength that everyone can relate to the the surface level rewards of the time spent exercising.

The trouble with that is for the majority of people who begin exercise without any intrinsic value of how moving your body directly affects your mind and soul , they always fall victim to fitness trends and thus become bored with exercise. People aren’t equipped to understand the difference between immediate ROI and patience through scaling their efforts.

You see it’s not about what you get, it’s about who you are becoming; working out may be very similar to working, you either hate it or you love it right? That is where motivation for getting to the gym, going out for a jog or meeting your friends for a pickup game of ball start to diminish — not immediately but slowly.

Yet it’s always the slow poison that kills fastest because of the ignorance blanket you chose to put over exercise. Day by day you start to tell yourself, “Oh it’s okay i’ll make up for it next week” — says you a year later still telling yourself the same excuse.

So what do you do? What’s the catch here? Why are you writing like some Yoda Jedi dude with a robe?

Glad you asked, but i’m not Yoda or a Jedi. I’m a guy who knows what hard work and discipline do for your body at the holistic level, not the superficial level where most of you (call BS on me if you wish) live. You look at exercise as if it’s the worst pain you’ll ever go through, you don’t see the results within two weeks or you get bored after trying every single exercise/group fitness/trend in the whole world.

Seriously, wake up people! How much longer do you wish you could lose 30 pounds, how many more months are you going to try your detox cleanse and wonder why you’ve reverted back after 12–24 months to old patterns of diet and lack of motivation? Do you really like having to wait for groupons to come around to get a 1 month fix of exercise and then continue to abuse your digestive, hormonal and ultimately your energetic life?

You want to know the reason?


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KIDDING! Just kidding, jk jk…

Look here’s the thing, you have to stop looking at exercise and working out as something that’s always going to give you immediate results. You also need to stop buying into BS workouts that you,

- really don’t like doing
- have anything less than a 60/40 ROI

Here’s why. If I offered my professional counsel to a person who was 30 pounds overweight, diabetic, 3 herniated discs, previous ACL surgery, two hip replacements and said to this person,

“Okay within 1 month i’m going to take care of your 30 pounds and everything else will be cake”

Sure, hey I know of some highly skilled professionals in the fitness world who could authentically provide this person the support he/she needs without trashing his/her autonomic nervous system and adrenals.

Now where does this person sit 3 years from now? Has he continued to exercise each and everyday? Has he stuck to his diet and improved his overall health and continues to exemplify what it means to create a genuine and sustainable “lifestyle change”?

In my experience yes, absolutely. It’s because this person has devoted his entire life to never going back to where he/she was. There are some of you reading this who have no idea what pain is, you have no clue what it means to go through adversity and be left with little to no hope. For certain people, exercise is a commodity plain and simple — they can afford to do it or not but for some odd reason they start complaining about gaining weight or not fitting in their pants?

What happens next? Well it’s groupon month so they’ll be looking at how they can “feel good” about themselves for a month while they plan another year of never progressing in life. Perhaps they haven’t seen any increase in strength or muscle size after 3 years at their local box gym so they look for the next “big thing”, and then the next, and the next and the next until they’re 50 years old and say,

“what’s the point anymore?”

What I will share now is the answer many of you haven’t been looking for but desperately need to understand,

“Train because you LOVE training”

It’s not about losing weight, getting down to 10% body fat, increasing your Deadlift, cutting down the time on your 40 — it’s YOU becoming a more powerful version of yourself “through” your physical body so that your mind and spirit continue to grow through life.

It doesn’t matter what you enjoy doing it’s about loving it because of what it intrinsically brings to you and those around you. Why do people continue to train in powerlifting well into their 60s, or Crossfit or Triathlons? They freaging LOVE IT! If you love doing something you don’t need motivation, you won’t ever need motivation because it’s with-in you to train and exercise.

I’ll admit, there are moments where the same intensity has not been in my training due to various factors — but I never make excuses. I recognize when my strength is stagnant or decreasing, reflect upon recent events and understand that i’m a human being. There will be setbacks and random obstacles in the road (much like the 5 Freeway if you live in socal), but you don’t give up and move on just because something stopped working.

You take the time to understand where you are in life, re-evaluate what’s important to you and create a strategy to reignite that inner warrior within. You’re a warrior friend, I don’t care where you come from or what you’ve told yourself — YOU ARE A WARRIOR and warriors don’t give up. They keep going and they keep training for the love of training; the energetic release and spiritual growth developing their body and mind is all that is truly needed in the end to maintain consistency and momentum.

In the end, it’s on you to identify what truly matters and to not complain when you stop seeing results. Start from a place of genuine self-love so that whatever modality and medium you utilize for better health is the catalyst to create a scalable and sustainable habit of change.

Remember that,

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start in order to be great”.

With Love and Strength,

David Lee — The P.O.W.E.R Coach

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