The Obstacle Is The Way… Part I

Marcus Aurelius chilling out in one of these buildings

My brother recently finished reading Marcus Aurelius’s great book Meditations.

And the one concept that stuck with him the most is that whatever you view as an obstacle right now becomes the way towards growth and success.

Thinking deeply about it, this is so true. Most people who succeed immensely and put the big efforts required into some subject or field had a failure early on that they NEEDED to overcome.

Most people with talent and that got accolades early on don’t work that hard on it. They just get to “good enough”, choose the easy way out, and ride on their talent.

But talent can only get your so far. Talent is only part of the equation.

Success is 80% hard work and 20% talent. Of course, if you have 0 talent in a particular field, you’re much better served to work in another where you have talents you can turn into strengths.

What I mean here is that obstacles can and do motivate a lot of people to move towards excellence and to achieve great things.

But that’s just one aspect of obstacles.

The rest we’ll talk about next time.

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