The Obstacle Is The Way… Part II

Life-Lesson, Straight Ahead.

We talked in the previous post about a very important aspect of facing obstacles in your life.

It was that most talented people who “have it easy” do settle for good enough, and just stay there.

But a lot of people with big success faced adversity early on that made them decide and stay motivated to put in the work and achieve EXCELLENCE.

This second aspect of the obstacle being the way is a bit more “metaphysical”.

Life is the greatest teacher there is.

And it doesn’t teach you with lectures or words, it teaches you with obstacles and adversity.

So the obstacles you’ll be facing will be highly personalized: whatever it is your weakness, whatever it is that you need to work on to become a more complete human being, life will send you obstacles that will poke at that so that you fix it and grow.

Whatever problems you’re facing right now, there is a lesson that life is trying to teach you and they won’t get fixed until you learn that lesson.

That’s why success in life depends more on who you are as a person than on anything else: the more weaknesses you fix by facing obstacles and going through the journey each opens up to grow, the better your life will be.

It’s an important realization.

The trick is to remember it when the obstacles hit you, which is easier said than done.

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