Roby for Slack: Getting Started — Admin

Mar 26, 2020 · 2 min read

Before you get started

If you were the person who downloaded Roby, you are by-default the Roby administrator. You are able to add or remove admins as needed for your team.

As an admin you can:

  • “Add/remove admins”: You can add or remove who are the receivers of the requests.
  • “Make a request”: As an admin, you can still make a request, either to your teammates or yourself!
  • “View open tickets”: View/manage your team's incomplete tasks here.
  • “View FAQs”: View a list of your current FAQs. (Note: You can add an FAQ anytime you complete a task or manually in the admin portal.)
  • “View dashboards and settings”: From here you can access your portal to view data analytics, manage your subscription, and assign user permissions.

You can access these commands any time by messaging the Roby app.

Add Roby to your public channels

Roby can be added to any public channel. If you haven’t already, you may want to create a channel like #support or #requests so your team has a designated spot to submit requests. Next, simply type “/invite @Roby” into the channels of your choice.

Now, you and your team can create & delegate tasks without ever having to leave your conversation!

Manage all your tasks on Slack

As an admin, you can view and manage everyone’s open tasks without having to leave Slack. Just pull up Roby and select “view open tickets”.


You can also access your request history via the admin portal. In the portal, you can check the data analytics, add/remove admins, pre-set FAQs, manage your subscription, and integrate add-ons.

For more information navigating the admin portal, click here.

Need some additional support? Visit our website or email us directly at!

Tell Roby

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