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I’m Walking the Dog Honey!

Another Story From the Mountain — Accepting Death

Photo by Юлія Вівчарик on Unsplash

It was 2014 and he had heartburn, which was getting worse. Waking him at night, the stomach acid in his throat burned. The next day he decided to go see his doctor for some medicine.

In good shape physically and mentally, he rarely ever got sick. He was 58 years old, living a good life in a small town on the north coast of Long Island. Small…

Everyone has a story to tell, probably many more than one. Tell Your Story is home for the best creative nonfiction and personal essays on Medium, stories from the heart that help us all understand a little bit more about ourselves and the world around us.

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From the Mountain ~ Stories & Photos of JD Adams

From the Mountain ~ Stories & Photos of JD Adams

Writer ~ Photographer “From the Mountain” Now I write from a mountain top, not the desert, and include photos from the Blue Ridge Mts.

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