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Remembering Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium, the Best Worst Bar in Louisville

Not an actual photo of Jim Porter's Good Time Emporium, but captures the vibe

I look over the singer's shoulder at his lyric sheet. He doesn't drink, so the ring at the bottom of the page must be the sweat from a watered-down glass of Diet Coke. I do drink, and so I confront him. “’In the weight of the moss bone eater?’ What the fuck is that?”




Everyone has a story to tell, probably many more than one. Tell Your Story is home for the best creative nonfiction and personal essays on Medium, stories from the heart that help us all understand a little bit more about ourselves and the world around us.

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Dan Canon

Dan Canon

Civil rights lawyer, law professor, and high school dropout. Writes about the Midwest, class struggle, and the untold horrors of the justice system.

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