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Overland: 1

The Journey Starts, Escape from suburbia

Me, right, in my parents’ driveway, my pal & her parents who drove us to Canada in 1974.for a cheap flight.

I said goodbye to my parents in the driveway. The summer of 1974, I graduated from high school, turned eighteen and, with money earned at the mall, bought a round-trip ticket to what seemed like a shimmering fairytale across the Atlantic: Europe.

I grew up in a comfortable, blue collar, suburban neighborhood of Minneapolis. The dads on our block…



Everyone has a story to tell, probably many more than one. Tell Your Story is home for the best creative nonfiction and personal essays on Medium, stories from the heart that help us all understand a little bit more about ourselves and the world around us.

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Vivian McInerny

Career journalist, essayist, fiction writer, and life-long spirit-quester.