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May Community Update

Keep on truckin’ was this month’s theme for Tellor and I imagine for many of you as well. It was also a great media coverage month for Tellor, between having our CSO Mike Zemrose on Tom Heavey’s channel, a mention in “Week in Ethereum,” Interaxis’ Tellor breakdown and the great turn out for the ADO’s first public demo. All of this contributed to us having our best twitter follower growth and engagement metrics to date. We are proud of our continuing community and network growth.


  • 3156 (+623) Twitter followers
  • 2463 (+368) Telegram members
  • Tom Heavey interview
  • Week in Ethereum
  • Biki Listing
  • Eidoo Wallet support
  • Interaxis video
  • ADO public demo

Tom Heavey Interview

At the beginning of April our CSO Michael Zemrose was a guest on Tom Heavey’s youtube channel talking about all things Tellor. Tom is one of the nicest guys and truly cares about good honest crypto education — definitely one to follow and support. Here’s the link to the full video + some short excerpts:

Week in Ethereum

It’s always a pleasure to be featured in Week In Ethereum and on April 5th our Oracle Best Practices article was listed in the For Developers section:

Biki Listing

The Asia based exchange Biki listed Tellor earlier this month and kindly hosted us to have an AMA. Sorry we don’t have a transcript for this one, but we do a weekly community AMA that should cover all your questions!

Eidoo Wallet Support

Eidoo launched TRB support on their wallet! Eidoo is a multi-currency wallet with a hybrid exchange built in. You can store your digital assets and buy/sell cryptocurrencies.

Interaxis Video

Interaxis is a team of financial planners who are looking to educate their customers about the technology of blockchain, ethereum, and Defi. They previously interviewed us on their podcast, and earlier this month they did a deep dive whiteboard session describing oracles and Tellor:

ADO public demo

It was a big month for the Alliance of Decentralized Oracles. We held our first public meeting (virtual) where we went over the EIP that standardizes the pull-oracle interface and demonstrated how users can easily implement a median data point from all the oracles — providing magnitudes stronger security! We also answered some great questions from the Ethereum community. For those that missed it live here is the recording:

Follow the ADO on twitter: @adoracles


The Meme of the Month

We have a new winner this month! It goes to our favorite Man/Wizard, @Mandalf. Love the style of this! For all Tellor memes curated from the community from @kittyhawkcrypto, subscribe to

As always, feel free to reach out anytime.

-Tellor Core



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