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3 min readJan 31, 2022


We Can’t Wait!

While this year’s conference in the Mile High City holds special importance for many simply due to the fact that it is the first major in person event since before the pandemic, and a community favorite, and as such is feeding an immense hunger we can all relate to — hanging out with like-minded people! It’s especially important for us as well. This will be the first major in-person event that Tellor sponsors and has a large presence at. In fact we are flying out the majority of our team to participate.

Other than Devcon (remember those??) EthDenver is many of the team’s personal favorite as far as events in the space go. The last two we attended was in 2018 and 2019, and Tellor was either non-existent or had just launched during those. So, it is with immense pride that we return with 2 years of mainnet experience under our belts, some blue-chip user integrations, and a talented and tight knit team.

Other than meeting old friends and making some new ones, we are excited to meet this new crop of builders/hackers and help in any way we can. We have a good bit of experience as participants at hackathons (Tellor started out as a hack!) and as a team of battle-tested and experienced developers and bizdevs.

That said, we have some tips for you guys who are attending their first EthDenver. And we’ll follow that up with everything you’ll need to know to integrate Tellor’s Oracle into your hack projects.

Tips on how to get the most out of your EthDenver experience:

  • Be open minded to other ideas — working on someone else’s idea and new protocol
  • Build on one of the sponsored projects — cuz they’re there! This is the perfect opportunity to get direct and enthusiastic support. We’ll have a sponsor table and hope to help everyone we can.
  • Focus on building relationships — Don’t be shy! Who you meet can be more important than even finishing your projects on-time. Your project may not be more than a weekend hack, but the relationships you make can launch a career.

Everything you need to know to use Tellor in your project:

  • Tellor is a permissionless network of staked reporters who compete to provide your data and earn rewards. Bad actors are punished by anyone willing to pay a dispute fee.
  • We’re live on Ethereum mainnet and Polygon. If you need an oracle on another network, talk to us!
  • You can think of Tellor as a question and answer machine. “What is the current price of Dogecoin in USD?” or “What was the average temperature in Denver, Colorado yesterday in degrees Fahrenheit?”. Reach out to the team for help forming your query, or see the dataSpecs repo.
  • It’s easy to install Tellor’s oracle user contracts into your project with `npm install usingtellor`. Then you can import the UsingTellor contract into your own contract to start retrieving data.
  • If you want a test oracle to play around with, try out Tellor’s Playground.

How to get in touch with us before/during/after EthDenver:

  • Joining our Discord is the #1 way to get the best get supported and build a relationship with the Tellor team and community.
  • If you’re hacking in person, Tellor is sponsoring EthDenver this year and so we’ll have a booth and plenty of team around to talk with you, just swing by the 3rd floor.
  • Follow Tellor on Twitter our DMs are open:

Remember — you’re only as decentralized as your data. And Tellor is the most secure way to put any real-world data onchain. We can’t wait to see what creative ways you integrate our data into your projects. Until then!

PS. Applications are still open if you haven’t registered yet!