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Time to Vote!!

….Now what?

The time has come to make your voice heard for quite possibly one of the largest updates to date for Tellor: Tellor X. However, due to the decentralized nature of Tellor, the upgrade won’t be able to go through unless the community votes in favor for the upgrade.

Let the following be a guide for those who are looking to vote, but not sure where to start or have never voted before on Tellor.

Basic Steps:

  1. Go to voting page: token vote link

2. Click the button that says “Connect” (top right corner)

3. Depending on which wallet you have TRB in, connect to the corresponding wallet. Most wallets are compatible with either MetaMask or WalletConnect.

MetaMask and WalletConnect work with most but NOT ALL wallet options.
WalletConnect to other wallets via QR Code

4. If you are connected, your public key will appear.

5. Click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to vote!

6. Upon clicking the “vote TRB” button, the wallet will ask you to confirm this transaction.

  1. Make sure you have ETH to pay for the gas of this transaction!

If the above steps are not working for you, there are a few scenarios that might affect the above steps. If you fall under one of these categories, read on for more information…

Having issues with the above steps?

There are few scenarios that may affect your ability to go successfully go through the basic voting steps — the following should provide you with more trouble shooting depending on which wallet you are using.

Ledger Wallet

First, make sure you are updated to the most recent ledger firmware v2.35.0. This can be done easily through the Ledger Live desktop app.

Next, you’ll need to connect to MetaMask. After you have successfully connected to your Ledger to MetaMask, then go to:

Make sure you open the Ethereum app settings on the Ledger and enable ‘blind signing.’ And don’t forget to confirm the transaction on the physical Ledger device after confirming it on MetaMask!

Coinbase Wallet

If you are unable to connect via WalletConnect on the Voting page, you might first need to import into Metamask using the ‘import wallet’ in settings.

Trust Wallet

If you are unable to connect via WalletConnect on the Voting page, you might first need to import into Metamask using the ‘import wallet’ in settings.

My Ether Wallet

If you are unable to connect via WalletConnect on the Voting page, click the following link for more resources MEW Support

Other Wallets

If your wallet is still having trouble connecting — contact your wallet’s support about interacting with contract data. If your wallet is TRB compatible, it should have this functionality. Possibly a setting that needs to be turned.

Vote Using Etherscan

You can also interact directly with the contracts on Etherscan if you are having issues with connecting to the link:

Go to the following link on Etherscan:

1. Make sure your metamask is on mainnet and the wallet that contains your old TRB

2. Click on “Contract”

3. Click on “Write as Proxy”

4. Click on “Connect to Web3”

5. Make sure it connects with the wallet that contains your old trb

6. Click on “Vote” (function 12)

7. In the field labeled ‘_disputeId (uint256)’ put: ‘78’

8. In the field labeled ‘_supportsDispute (bool)’, enter ‘True’ for a yes vote or ‘No’ for a no vote

7. Click “Write”

8. Follow your wallet’s prompts to process the tx




Tellor is a transparent and permissionless oracle protocol for your smart contract to easily get any data whenever it needs it.

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