160 teams compete in creating a deadly application for the NEO network

Not so long ago the NEO team decided to hold a special competition, the goal of which is the development of gaming applications based on the NEO network.

Games have long contributed to the adoption and promotion of technology.

The first with a game phenomenon encountered in Ethereum, after the release of CryptoKitties, when due to the influx of players the network Ethereum for some time experienced difficulties with the functioning.

According to Neo Game, Neo has allocated more than $ 500,000 in GAS (NEO currency) to attract as many developers as possible.

The basic rules of the competition:

Virtual assets on the blockroom. Smart contracts can be used to manage, trade and store game assets, such as characters, virtual properties and pets.
Game data on the unit. Player information, such as game results, levels, ratings and other behavioral game data, can be stored and managed through smart contracts.
The logic of the game on the blockade. Smart contracts can be used for gaming algorithms that promote fair competition and can be combined with other behavioral data and data associated with virtual assets.
The contest was organized by NewEconoLab, the NEO development team, co-founder of which is one of the main NEO developers Li Jiyangyang.

It is expected that the winners will be announced on August 15.