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Benefits of Management Strategy Platforms (4/6)

The 4th post on change management in data and platform driven organizations discusses what Tellusant brings to corporate decision making.

That is, the attributes that make executives say “yes, it is worth implementing Tellusant’s solutions.”

The benefits are summarized in our Delta:

Tellusant — Delta framework

• ACCURACY. Our platforms increase accuracy in strategic planning, commercial due diligence, market opportunity assessment, and other corporate level processes significantly.

First, the companies using TelluPlan get one version of the truth built on the best science possible. This is in contrast to when each country unit or business unit approaches analytics in different fashion and with often home grown methods.

Second, the output from the Tellusant platforms is saved for posterity. This means that it is easier to follow up on the success of previous planning efforts. A virtuous feedback loop is created.

Third, input data quality is guaranteed. Too often, inexperienced analysts make mistake when harmonizing datasets. With Tellusant, this process (often in conjunction with emerging company data lakes), is more accurate.

• EFFICIENCY. Corporate decision making is usually the last bastion of inefficiency of corporations. While companies seek efficiency in sales, distribution, production, and other functions, efficiency in corporate decision making is often overlooked.

An executive once told us: “corporate decisions are supposed to be messy and resource intense. Efficiency does not matter.”

This is true to some extent. However, being in efficient for no good reason is meaningless. The Tellusant platforms allow companies to reduce spending on outside consultants, and to make do with fewer internal resources.

• SPEED. Planning cycles are long within companies. A strategic planning cycle may last 3–5 months within a global company.

Calendar time is important to ensure informed decision making. But time spent reworking incorrect analyses, waiting to gather the right people for reviews, or waiting for consultants’ delivery of fact pack is non-value-added time.

Tellusant’s platform minimizes non-value-added time, and maximizes valuer added time. Just like a manufacturing process aims for maximum value-added time.

These benefits that Tellusant’s solutions bring help overcome barriers to change due to ingrained habits and cultural inertia.



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Staffan Canback

Staffan Canback

My new co-founded venture, Tellusant, aims to revolutionize corporate decision making. Earlier: Canback Consulting, Monitor, McKinsey & Co, ABB