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The Information Dilemma (1/6)

Does your company struggle with too much information? Perhaps too many perspectives on the same problem?

Tellusant aims to reduce the information overload, with a focus on strategic planning. One of our goals is to provide the “filter”.

With this we start a new series in 6 parts where we discuss the information needs of large companies and the change management required to handle information embedded in big data and predictive models.

Herbert Simon was an intellectual giant of his time. He won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1978 and the Turing Award in computer science in 1975.

Simon has had a profound impact on society and companies although few know about it. As always, every practical person is guided by great theories, whether they know it or not.

From Tellusant’s point of view, we aim to boil the information down to what is actually needed based on our SaaS platform approach. We strive for one version of the truth.

Many strategic problems are addressed over and over again in a given year, with marginal incremental impact.

Take a simple thing like “how large is our market?”. Different countries, units, people have different definitions. There is an endless debate on this as it crops up in various discussions. Much of this debate is not even apparent to the people participating.

Some may say that it is necessary to align around goals. We do not believe so. Many information related issues should be settled once, then accepted.

This applies to strategy topics like market size, future demand, competitive positions (including market shares), competitor and own costs and profitability, economic and financial risks, exchange rate projections, and many more.

In the following posts we will discuss what type of change management is required, building on the platform paradigm.

A technical solution is the starting point, but change management is what leads to true and lasting positive impact.



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Staffan Canback

Staffan Canback

My new co-founded venture, Tellusant, aims to revolutionize corporate decision making. Earlier: Canback Consulting, Monitor, McKinsey & Co, ABB