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Impediments to Successful Change: Culture, not Technology (2/6)

This 2nd story on change management issues in data and platform driven organizations, deals with what the barriers to successful implementation are.

The annual survey by NewVantage Partners points to obstacles to success.

• Large companies are very highly satisfied with their returns on investment in data. Few, if any, other investment show similar satisfaction level. This KPI has increased compared to earlier years’s surveys.

• Given this, only around a quarter or a fifth of companies view themselves being data driven. Many of the survey respondents are financial institutions. Industrials in all likelihood show even less progress. These two KPIs are stubbornly low over time.

• The overwhelming obstacle is cultural. To succeed in implementing a SaaS platform is not about the technical solution. It is about change management focused on “cultural nudging.”

In our experience, the change effort in large companies is too often driven by the people who created the technical solution. This is the wrong approach. Instead, implementation should be driven by change management experts (supported by the technical experts).

The entire NewVantage Partners survey is available here:



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Staffan Canback


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