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Implementing Management Strategy Platforms (5/6)

The 5th post on change management in data and platform driven organizations discusses how Tellusant creates change during the implementation phase.

The implementation phase runs in parallel with the technical tuning and installation of our computational platform. Like with any IT solution, there is more to success than having a functioning product.

We think of implementation from the users’ perspective in six components:

Tellusant — Implementation snake in 6 steps

1. No change effort can succeed without understanding the current situation. This requires documenting current practices and benchmarking them against other companies, and — most importantly — what will be with the platform. In control theory this is the “is” and “should” comparison.

2. From this comes a set of benefits and uses. By being explicit about these, future users will see how the platform will aid them with higher accuracy, higher speed, and lower cost.

3. Once this is in place, evangelizing events are held. Here, internal evangelizers and Tellusant experts demonstrate the platform and the benefits and users. Here we are today as an organization, imagine what it will look like tomorrow!” “And here are some examples.”

Events like these are best held in person, off site, and with plenty of breaks and pauses.

4. Following this, company MVPs are trained, followed by chosen users. The selection process of these people is critical. They must have the intellectual curiosity and the willingness to work in new ways.

Therefore, the screening of candidates starts already during part 1 (above).

5. Every company has its own unique way of providing feedback. While recommend a cloud-based feedback mechanism (on the TelluPlan platform), it may be that email is so ingrained that it is a better, or parallel solution. Or it may be that outreach interviews are best. Or online surveys…

6. A help desk is required. Primary help should be provided by the MVPs in a peer-to-peer system. Secondary elevated help will be provided through Tellusant.

In the final post next week we will lay out the full, multi-year change effort required for ongoing success. This post covers the few months before the platform goes live as a cloud-based application.

For more on evangelizing, see this HBR article




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