Should I stay or should I go?

Few days ago I gave a speech for a local tech community organization “Technest”. Guys from “Technest” suggested that for a topic for this introductory lecture, I could say something about how we in Telnet managed to “live locally and work globally”. We wanted to give arguments why should young people stay in their home town and make a good professional career in IT arena. Since Telnet all it’s operation conduct from not-so-very-big town, we fulfilled practice-what-you-preach demand.

The nice thing is that event had a lot of people in audience and my talk had a very good feedback. So, I decided to highlight some of the things that I spoke about.

The question from title is one of those that one could asks itself all the time.

First of all, Telnet is a software development company which and we are, moslty, involved in outsourcing. We are focused on delivering well crafted solutions, aligned to best practice and try very hard to understand business domain of the client’s project.

Communication is one of most vital skills and tools that drives project in good directon. In Telnet we encourage communication and teach our interns what good communication means in: communication with other developers, clients and most important how your code communicate with others.

I wanted to share with our community everything what is a core of our approach in work with very big clients, what tools we are use to to solve their difficult business problems and to make them aware that all of this hard and very challenging work is done here, in theirs home town.

“Vintage” shelf in my room — the Google of ‘90

Nodways, from the perspective of knowledge gathering, it is irrelevant where you are. I can remember times when I hardly could await friends coming from abroad with books from my wishlist. Very often, I use this picture to emphasize this to our interns. The point is, that all that spare time people who stayed in their hometown could use in reading, reading and reading.

Use that!

And find us to showoff and share all that knowledge!