Announcing Telos EVM, Deploy Ethereum/ Solidity Smart Contracts and scale to millions of users on the Telos Public Network

Wondering how much more successful something like Crypto Kitties would have been without network congestion and $20 transaction fees? so are we!

Start testing your contract today on Telos Testnet- Mainnet launch to follow in early July

Time to find out what Ethereum developers are made of! Do you have a
project being held back by high fees and low transactions per second on the Ethereum Mainnet? Here is your opportunity to put it to the test!

fast and free tractions for millions of users, affordable to developers too! Most existing dapps can be run for $50 or less as opposed ot $1000s on ethereum.

On Telos your project can leverage 0.5 second block times, 1000s of transactions per second along with a smooth, fee-less experience for users.

Comparing Ethereum to Telos, there are many benefits for Solidity devs to look forward to:

As you can see the speed and scalability of a solidity based application running on Telos is going to be far superior for developers. When you you consider that the costs of running applications on telos at this stage fall in the range of 10s of dollars or at most hundreds of dollars in staked tokens, the switch becomes a no brainer.

Did we mention web3 wallet compatibility?

Telos works with brave, metamask and many other popular web3 based wallets!

For more information and to sign up for updates check out our new Telos EVM page



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Telos Foundation is an entity charged with promoting Telos, a networked ecosystem for turning purpose into reality.