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Dec 17, 2019 · 1 min read

Until now, deploying smart contracts on Telos has generally numerous steps to set up your own node and tweak settings to get everything working. It also usually requires a machine with more than 8GB of RAM or a cloud virtual machine (VM) which is painful to set up. However, you can now use Telos Studio to deploy smart contracts from your web browser!


An Integrated Development Environment(IDE) provides developers the tools/environment to develop and deploy code quickly and easily. IDE’s increase productivity by combining the common activities of writing software into a single application which includes editing code, building executables, and debugging.

Using Telos Studio developers can completely avoid setup of a node and developer tools on high-end PC’s and instead be able to immediately start deploying smart contracts from devices of any power via Telos Studio IDE.

Telos studio features scatter integration as well as being able to connect to Telos Testnet and Mainnet, Soon you will also be able to create free accounts from the UI.

The Telos Foundation has been working alongside the brilliant Obsidian Labs team to get this product off the ground. We are excited to provide this early release as part of our initiative.

Over the coming month's functionality will be added to make it even easier to leverage Telos' awesome advantages over alternative platforms.

Check it out now!

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Telos Foundation is an entity charged with promoting Telos, a networked ecosystem for turning purpose into reality.

The Telos Network Blog

Articles about the Telos Blockchain Network

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