Building on Telos. Building on Community.

By Beth Farnham, Telos Foundation Board Member

Since the Telos Blockchain Networked launched in late December 2018, a lot has happened in the first 3 months of the network. While much of the focus has been on ensuring solid governance and supporting a strong BP community, there is also a lot of work going on by the Telos Foundation and members of the community to continue to bring more decentralized applications to the Telos users. Over 20 DApps committed to deploying on Telos prior to launch, and while it’s on ongoing process to bring everyone onboard the now active chain, there’s also much excitement about what’s coming next. Currently there are over 40 DApp’s either deployed or coming in the near future of Telos.

Telos is the next generation blockchain based on EOSIO. Over 50 block producers support Telos, as well as the elected board members of the Telos Foundation. Telos never offered an ICO, but developed with the support of over 135 members of the blockchain community and launched as a fully functional network in December of 2018. Fifteen DApps are currently deployed, including actively used resources like Sqrl, Scatter and the new Math Wallet. There are also games that are already a big hit like TELOS Planet, EOS Playstation, and Proxybots. Others that are popular in the community include EOS Toolkit, Awake Wallet, My Telos Wallet, Greymass, Ledger Nano S, MEOW, and EOSX, just to name a few.

So what do DApp developers need to know about deploying on Telos? Essentially, that Telos is developer focused. This means that some key features to build on Telos includes lower cost DApp deployment, fewer network pauses, enhanced security, Telos/EOS mainnet compatibility and stable RAM pricing.

The Telos Blockchain Network RAM guidance system is led by Jan Smit who states, “The RAM Administration’s primary responsibility is to maximize DApp adoption of the Telos chain by keeping the Telos RAM price as competitive and stable as possible. After a handful of large interventions in the first week the stability objective has been met since. The RAM price has remained within a 10% bandwidth of the Public Guidance Price. RAM costs on the Telos chain are both stable and a fraction of the RAM costs on EOS Mainnet.” This is a huge benefit for developers looks for stable and affordable chain to build on.

Talking with my colleague, Douglas Horn, at and the author of the Telos Whitepaper, about the state of DApps coming to Telos:

BF: Douglas, many are aware of the obvious benefits of developing on Telos, from lower cost of RAM to opportunities for proprietary apps. As a DApp developer yourself, what are some of the most appealing aspects to deploying on Telos?

DH: Honestly, for me the one thing that comes before everything else is, “Is this blockchain decentralized”? Because if it’s centralized either because there’s one company at the core or because the ownership is so disproportionate that big whales can effectively control the chain, then there’s no point. Telos is the most decentralized of all EOSIO chains. There’s no company picking the BPs that could make unilateral decisions.

BF: That’s the one cardinal virtue of blockchain, correct?

DH: Exactly. Look at NEO and TRON — both are completely centralized with core owners calling all the shots. Some of the EOSIO chains are effectively the same. Telos is clearly a true decentralized public blockchain.

BF: And governance is a part of that?

DH: Right. Telos is the most advanced blockchain in the world in terms of governance. Most people don’t really care, which is fine. They care what that means for them, like the ability to recover lost or stolen accounts…that’s big because it makes blockchain much more accessible to general computer users.

BF: Telos really does smooth the way for general users.

DH: Little things like free accounts for new users that are easy to create removes a big impediment to onboarding. And Telos extends the ability to make these free accounts to any app, so it means that they don’t have to factor in creating 50,000 new accounts for their users. So it’s one more way that building on Telos is a lot more cost-effective for developers. Because otherwise, those account creation costs creep up on you as an ongoing expense for every new user you want to bring on board.

BF: There are some fantastic apps coming soon, lots to look forward to. What other kind of DApps, or apps as you prefer, would you like to see come to Telos? Do you have a special wish list?

DH: I do say “app” because that’s the term general computer users are comfortable with and that’s who I see as our ultimate user base. There are so many kinds of apps I want to see on Telos because the capacity is huge. I would love to see voting apps that take advantage of the built-in voting tools. Awesome games, for sure. There’s so much more possible since you can take faster actions and don’t have to pay for every tiny decision. I think whole industries can build their supply chain tracking on Telos. Carbon credits tracking and trading is a no-brainer. I think that a security token platform would be great because there’s no need to worry if the underlying chain is going to be seen as an unregistered security, which is a worry on almost all chains other than Bitcoin and Ethereum. But Telos will be seen as a non-security, I expect, since there was never any money raised and all the rules were clearly followed. That actually should give great confidence to any business where compliance is important. Because you can only ever truly get that by bootstrapping the network and never raising a penny up front, the way Telos did.

BF: The Telos BP’s and Telos community have been making an effort to provide various levels of support for interested developers, even if just a quick consultation. What are some of the other support systems you see happening, or think are needed, as the network continues to grow?

DH: Well, GoodBlock came out strong with the GoodGrant program where we make the resource cost essentially zero for the first year or so. That gives people a chance to focus on building their app instead of constantly raising money. Telos is also a place where developers considering a launch really get embraced and helped however they need. We have helped developers with smart contracts — now we’re putting together a repository of sample contracts and templates. We’ve helped a lot of developers set up test nodes, stuff like that. Deploying a new app is a big task, but most of the pieces, we’ve already done so why make each new developer reinvent the wheel? There’s a lot of help we can give. If you look at the documentation, wikis, and developer or user guides, Telos is really adding a lot of value there beyond the basics of EOS. Those things all add up for developers.

BF: I will say, in addition, the Telos Foundation is working on developing a series of grant programs and campaigns to bring additional support to developers. Stay tuned for more information about these opportunities, we are very close to making some big announcements!

Telos truly is a community that support developers. From the early days of the Telos Launch Group in July 2019, Justin Giudici, a community member with Infinitybloc and the Telos Foundation, has been an active supporter in working with the EOSIO developer community. “Telos presents a fantastic opportunity for developers. It’s a well run, gold standard DPOS blockchain. There are already multiple mobile and desktop wallets and several applications deployed in just over 2 months since launch. There are already over 186,000 active accounts and this will rise quickly as DApps move beyond attracting the traditional crypto crowd and build for the billions of mobile users. Telos presents the best option for such a purpose given its affordability, speed, and free accounts program,” says Justin.

One DApp we know many are eager for is Chestnut. A solid winner at the EOS Hackathon events. The Chestnut account management solution is a highly anticipated blockchain project that meshes the technology advantages of blockchain with the user experience expectations of the banked world. “Blockchain is only going to be successful if we can work together to make it easy, safe and affordable for people to create accounts and interact with distributed applications,” stated Chestnut Chief Technical Officer, Daniel Liebeskind.

Fabian Cecin, developer of ACORN says “Deploying on Telos is much cheaper than on EOS. With the explicit governance structure, I know that any problems arising from immutable code will be solved by intelligent and compassionate human support. It’s the simple and straightforward EOSIO host.”

So it’s clear that building on Telos gives developers a strong support system, as well as some common sense practices that make bringing your DApp to the network an obvious win. Telos is fast. Telos is scalable. Telos is stable. Telos is here for the community.

“We’re building our product on the Telos Blockchain due to its cost effectiveness for DApps of all sizes, enforced BP compliance resulting in increased network reliability and being the most decentralized of the EOS.IO public chains.” Marlon Williams, Sqrl Wallet and Qubicles.

So how are DApp developers seeing the overall value of building on Telos? “When I have to compare EOS and TELOS I always end up with the same analogy. For me, EOS is the capital city of EOSIO, where you can find what you want because everyone is already there, but the cost of living is a little high. On the other hand, Telos is like a small country town, full of rich resources, which has just begun to have its first settlers. With the same effort that you can get to build a small house in the suburbs of the EOS city, you can build a big mansion in Telos town, before more and more settlers arrive and start to grow and become the big city, “ Viterbo Rodríguez, Cards & Tokens.

Craig Branscom of and a key member of the Telos Launch Group says “I chose Telos because of the low deployment costs, free account creation, and numerous developer programs that help onboard new apps into the Telos ecosystem.” Craig is working on a project called Grassroots. Grassroots is an on-chain crowdfunding platform for EOSIO software. Users can redeem their dividend rewards on Grassroots for things such as free creation of a project, having Grassroots match your contribution to a project, or even just staking them to earn a slice of Grassroots profits.

Telos truly has been a grassroots style project. Members of the Telos community are very familiar with the need to work together to support the network, and the Telos Foundation remains committed to working with developers to bring the best DApps to the network. The next couple months will be bringing some new DApps to Telos, so keep an eye out for EDNA, Chestnut Accounts & Banking, Viitasphere, Unbiased, Cards & Tokens, Qubicles, Feexplorer, Oracleize, Codum, Secrypto Wallet, Biggest Bet, Drakos Keep, TEACH coin, Jiji AR/VR, TelosDAC, Chintai, Duka, Apple Enclave Support (

For a complete and running list of DApps as new ones arrive please refer to the Telos 101 article here:

The Telos Foundation is a promotional and funding body, dedicated to advancing the Telos Blockchain Network. The aim of the Telos Foundation is to provide grants to groups promoting necessary network functions that cannot or are not otherwise supported by worker proposals.

More info about the Telos Foundation can be found at

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