Farm Game brings prize money to leading competitive esports games

Starting with with widely popular MMO DOTA2, the farmgame platform’s integration with Steam is set to add competitive gameplay rewards to a long list of games including Counterstrike, GTA V, and PUBG.

The Telos decentralised network continues its trend of integrating with leading gaming platforms: Unity last month(through and now Steam with the Farm Game platform.

After months of testing Farm Game has officially launched its first game DOTA 2. Gamers from all around the world can now come together to engage in competitive gameplay with real money and prizes on the line.

Utilising Wombat Wallet it is super simple to interact with to either create or join games

DOTA 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve, it has over half a million players competing globally at any given time.

DOTA 2, first game to be made available for competitive gameplay using

Start playing at

How it works

Wombat is the official wallet for Farm Game. Get it at
  • Players fund their account with Telos(TLOS) using crypto-locally or another supporting exchange. ( integration in wombat coming soon)
  • Players set up and join games from
  • First player creates request he wants to play in DOTA2 and stakes some Telos(TLOS)
  • Opponent players joins and stake the pre agreed amount of Telos(TLOS)
  • The contest bounty is held in a smart contract allowing trustless betting with players from all around the world.
  • The Dota2 match is launched via Steam using Farm Games back end.
  • Gameplay takes place
  • On completion, the Farm Game backend checks Steam match results and syncs them to smart contract
  • Smart contract immediately pays out the winner!
For those unfamiliar with DOTA 2 and its live competitive gameplay action see this match!

More on Farm.Game is set to take advantage of the over half a billion dollar Esports industry.

E Sports gambling in monetary terms is also on the rise, it is expected decentralised smart contracts and platforms like Farm Game will only help to increase the amount of funds flowing into this industry.

There are a number of Steam platform games on the horizon with Counterstrike on wag and several other top games like GTA5 and PUBG being considered.

GTA V is just one of many games with millions of users being considered for integration

Interested in checking Farm Game out? Here are some links to get started.

Farm Game — to join and setup competitive matchplay

Cryptolocally — to buy TLOS with one of many easy payment methods.

Coin Market Cap — To view exchange options trade crypto such as BTC for TLOS

Steam — Download DOTA 2 and setup your Steam account if you haven’t already.



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