Game developers, there is still time to join Qudo and earn pre-launch rewards

Telos-based gaming tool is looking to add founding partners

Qudo, the new game-development tool being built on the Telos chain, is marching ahead. The system’s development in pre-launch mode so far has garnered some nice mentions in the blockchain press, it already offers a software development kit for Unity-based games, and the first few games have already announced their integration with Qudo.

All the more reason to remind developers that Qudo, which was created by BlockBastards, is still looking for games and services to become founding partners in the platform. If you’re interested, visit to learn more, or email to receive further information.

Qudo is a proof-of-gameplay reward mechanism that allows any game built on the Unity gaming engine to add token-based features, regardless of the developer’s previous level of blockchain experience.

There are already more than 3 billion devices running Unity-based games, according to the Unity website. Thus, adding blockchain functionality to that ecosystem is a really, really big deal.

Most important, Qudo opens a new avenue for game players and developers alike to monetize their work without using annoying in-game ads. And the platform is open not only to new games that are being built but also existing games on marketplaces that aren’t delivering good visibility or monetization.

These benefits will be especially useful to Qudo’s founding partners, who will receive special rewards for getting involved in the platform early on. Already, the list of games taking advantage of this opportunity is growing, including V8ors, Versus, Ace of Space, and Money Lords. But the Qudo team is eager to add several more founding partners for a limited time.

If you’re just learning blockchain development, or perhaps if you’re already a Unity developer interested in adding tokenized features to your games, this is a great opportunity to get involved in an exciting new platform.

Get involved in Qudo today! You can either sign up on the Qudo website, or email for further information on becoming a Qudo founding partner.

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