Hackathon platform Taikai will use Telos to help organize its events

Strong governance features will help bring together developers

If there are two things we’re passionate about at the Telos Foundation, governance and empowering developers would have to be right at the top of the list.

Hence we’re beyond excited to announce that TAIKAI, a hackathon management platform, will be coming to the Telos blockchain soon. They’ll be using its governance features, Telos Decide, to provide auditable voting and token rewards related to their events.

TAIKAI had previously been using EOSIO for these functions, so migrating to Telos should be easy for them.

Their move to Telos has already garnered favorable coverage in CoinTelegraph, where TAIKAI CEO Mário Ribeiro Alves tells writer Jack Martin:

“TAIKAI is a community-driven platform and we look for like-minded partners that can help us create a network effect. Fortunately, we’ve found TELOS, and we knew from the first meeting that we were completely aligned. I’m confident we’ll build a great future together as we connect companies with innovative teams to solve real-world challenges.”

TAIKAI launched in March 2019, with a vision to create a future where highly specialized individuals can look for challenge-based opportunities from different industries. TAIKAI acts as an open innovation social network to facilitate those conversations, providing the space and the right environment for innovators to work on challenges posted by companies, present solutions, and get paid for it.

Interested in signing up for TAIKAI’s open innovation network? Get started here.



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