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Portal adds new features to support Telos Network’s growth

The Telos Foundation and our network partners have been working feverishly to improve the website as a hub for our bockchain community. We aim to make it an awesome shared space to find important information, learn about Telos, and collaborate on purposeful initiatives together.

With those goals in mind, we want to include community members in our journey as we continue building the portal as a truly comprehensive resource.

For that reason, we have decided to release preview, alpha, and beta versions of certain features as they are delivered. We hope this will prove a great way to not only involve the community but also validate ideas and improve as we move forward towards a consumer-friendly MVP and beyond.

Today we introduce to you Explore, Account Creation and a technical demonstration of Telos App/Portal!

Explore (alpha) (

Both new and existing community members are regularly asking us where to find apps, exchanges and developer tools. Thus we thought it a no-brainer to compile this information and get a version out as soon as possible.

The result is Explore, a super-easy way to peruse the Telos ecosystem, whether you’re liking for apps built with Telos or tools, services, and exchanges serving the network.

Of course, our community is decentralized, with over 100 entities working on Telos and thousands of individuals contributing ideas, building apps, and more. But does that mean we need to be disorganized?

At the foundation, we don’t believe so. Explore is our way to help bring the community together — and make it more accessible to newcomers.

Over time, we plan to expand this concept to something that represents our version of a decentralized app store experience with deeper integration of the apps and services themselves into the experience.

Do check out Explore, you may be surprised about all the applications you have missed in the year since we launched! Developers, make sure you use the “submit” functionality to add your app, service or tool to the growing list!

Free Account Creation

This feature has been available for a while now, but we also want to draw community members and developer attention to the free account creation tool available on We also remind developers its able to be integrated into apps and services alike for free.

Who said you can’t have free accounts on a decentralized network?

One of the great benefits of Telos Network members’ decision to fund a foundation is that the foundation can cover accounts and SMS validation for the benefit of the collective network.

All you need to create a free telos account on is a phone number!

Click here to try it out.

Finally, we present a technical demonstration of Telos portal features Telos Profiles, Chats, Groups and Decide:

You can find this tech demo at

Telos Profiles:

Add profile information for your account to help you connect with community members across telos apps and services

Applications like Telos Place already make great use of profiles in their leaderboard. We expect that many applications will start to use this feature extensively as a network-wide profile system.

As you can see jessetestxyz is using a profile image on Telos Place pixel painting game

If you’re a developer and wish to use this service yourself, check it out on the telos kitchen gitlab.

Telos Chats

Message fellow group members, block producers or telos foundation in a verifiable manner.

Even a basic chat application using the Telos account system has huge benefits. For instance, unlike email, there is no way to “spoof,” or fake, where a mesage is coming from on Telos. Plus, when using a signer like scatter or SQRL there is also no easy way for hackers to phish passwords or keys.

An additional feature we are testing out in the Telos Chats demo is a user’s ability to connect their phone number and email to receive updates. After adding your phone number or email to your profile, any message received in a chat will result in a push notification. This could be particularly useful for block producers to communicate or alert each other, or even for alerting developers of network upgrades.

Telos Groups (Create a group with a token)

Within the live tech demo, you can already create a group with its very own token.

Telos groups are essentially Decentralized Autonomous Communities. In the existing demo, each group must have its own token which can be used for trade, utility and/or making decisions together.

As you can see, within the tech demo you can already create a group with its very own telos token.
Creating a customized treasure is now accessible for 1000TLOS (~$50 USD)

For the cost of 1000TLOS(~$50 currently), a fee that goes back into the network, you can utilize the Telos Decide contract and create your very own group with a token for whatever your unique purpose is. (For example, a token could be created for holding a student council elections.)

These tokens can be used as currency, voting, utility or even to represent shares in your new startup. Any of the 20-plus wallets available on Telos can be used to distribute the tokens from the elected treasury account.

Now, let’s talk more about voting!

Decide (Voting feature for groups)

This is a really important technical feature that really shows off the raw possibility of the Telos Network’s governance system. Telos uniquely allows developers to leverage the thousands of hours of the progress that the Telos Core Devs have made on Telos Decide, our governance technology formerly known as Trail. Developers and now everyday visionaries no longer need to reinvent the wheel; Telos decide enables many group decision-making possibilities in a trustless manner without writing lines of code.

Within the tech demo you can select to do any of the following types of voting:

  • Elections
  • Leaderboards
  • Polls
  • Proposal
  • Referendum

And votes can be accounted for using a huge number of methods:

Once a decision has been created, it’s up to the stakeholders of that group to vote so make sure you distribute the voting tokens. Unfortunately, this is something the technical demonstration does not offer yet, so utilise your favourite wallet and send those tokens!

Voting can be used for a wide array of on-chain verifiable purposes, whether it be issuing a worker proposal, electing custodians, or changing your entity’s mission.

Once you have a group, its possible to distribute tokens to group members and vote together on-chain.

The tech demo UI is, of course, basic at this point and we have been busy iterating on designs for the MVP version, encompassing lessons learned throughout the development process. We are incredibly excited about the back-end technology that has been built here and looking forward to unleashing a user-friendly portal in the first half of 2020.

We hope you have enjoyed our exploration of Explore , Account Creation and a tech demo of Telos App/Portal!

If you’re a developer and wish to utilize features such as free account creation, Telos profile services, Telos Decide and more, please check out the Telos Network Github and join the Telos Developers group on telegram. There you will certainly find one of the developers who worked on this project.

If you are building anything that requires easy onboarding or the ability to make decisions in a decentralized manner, Telos has all the tools you will require ready to go.

Interested in finding out more? Join the Telos conversation:

Twitter / Telegram / YouTube / Reddit / Instagram / Facebook

Telos Net / Telos Foundation




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