Introducing #TelosTuesday on Twitter

In our first session, we’ll talk CPU with Doug Horn on Jan. 7

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

We’re elated today to announce a new event to bring our community together in real time — Telos Tuesdays on Twitter.

The inaugural session of this Twitter Live AMA event will take place on Jan. 7 at midnight UTC. We’ll be discussing processing speed, resource management, and other technical hot topics with Douglas Horn, architect of the Telos blockchain.

We’ll be streaming via the Telos Foundation’s @HelloTelos account. Get your questions ready and ask them live by tweeting us a direct message. Depending on message volume, we’ll try to answer as many of them as possible in the stream. (We also recommend using the hashtags #TelosTuesday, #TelosAMA, or #TelosChat on public tweets to continue the discussion among the community, of course.)

We’re looking forward to a lively discussion of some timely issues. CPU, REX and resource management have been hot topics in EOSIO lately. With the arrival of EIDOS and other mining contracts, the question often crops up: “What will the Telos chain do once it experiences a congested state?”

Telos has already started optimizing certain aspects of its resource system based on the TRIM Plan. Block producers (BPs) recently began to get some parts of the Trim Plan passed and are in the process of getting others passed.

Telos BPs are taking proactive steps now to mitigate possible CPU issues in the future, and they are doing this by iterating small changes, then analyzing the results. This allows the Telos blockchain to adapt and pivot quickly based on new conditions.

Of course, to delve deeper into the TRIM Plan and other technical aspects of Telos, there’s no better person to talk to than Doug. So please do get your questions in early for our Jan. 7 Telos Tuesday event by sending a DM to @HelloTelos.

To prepare for this event, we recommend reading the TRIM Plan. Also, for those of you who would like to earn a TLOS bounty for spreading the word about this event, join the Telos Task Telegram channel. A Telos Task will be posted there on Jan. 4, including all instructions to earn and collect the bounty.

Finally, as a backup measure, we’d also recommend you follow Doug’s personal account @Douglas_Horn. We’ll move the stream over there in case of any emergency circumstance like a locked account.

Here’s the event image to share with your friends on social media:

Please help spread the word, and be sure to join us! Over time, we hope #TelosTuesday will become a staple of community collaboration on Telos to help everyone achieve their highest purpose.



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