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The Importance of Liquid Staking in DeFi

Say Hello to sTLOS!

  • Liquid stake TLOS for auto-compounding benefits: You can stake for sTLOS and keep our receipt token in your wallet if you want to stake and have your staking rewards compounded automatically.
  • sTLOS transferable receipt token: Due to its nature, sTLOS is transferable and can be sent to other accounts or traded. This feature adds increased flexibility to holders in case of immediate sell requirements (Liquidity pools will be required to immediately sell sTLOS for TLOS, though a premium might have to be paid in times of high demand).
  • Provide swap liquidity & earn staking rewards: TLOS holders that wish to provide liquidity for swap pairs while staking their tokens can provide liquidity to sTLOS/TLOS. This will allow them to earn staking rewards, trading fees, and additional farming rewards at a significantly reduced impermanent loss.
  • Borrow against liquid staked tokens: Users can utilize their sTLOS as collateral and maximize their Yield via lending/borrowing dAPP´s. The opportunity to borrow further TLOS and stake those tokens for sTLOS — which can be added as additional collateral — enables professional DeFi users to increase yields significantly. (Please act responsibly as the risk of liquidation is high, especially in highly volatile and nervous markets!)

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