Mainstream Crypto Gaming is finally here with Angry Warlord on Telos!

Sick of boring ‘Blockchain Games’ that wouldn’t be fit for players on in the 1990’s let alone the typical gamer in 2020?

We have been closely watching the games coming out and frankly, we haven’t been that impressed. Sure we have seen some interesting entrants, niche games like Prospectors and Crypto kitties for example. But let's be honest, the average gamer will never play those games. They are blockchain games for blockchain geeks. We appreciate them as geeks ourselves. But whenever we show our friends and families their eyes glaze over.

Enter Angry Warlord on Android. This game is pure exhilaration and incentivized fun! Its built-in Unity, the number one game development platform in the world and it utilizes Telos, the most user and developer-friendly blockchain in the world… fast transactions, free accounts, and affordable resources users don’t need to see or care about..the result is immersive gameplay and real earning’s!

Angry Warlord is a casual, fun game that challenges you as a Rhino rider to slash enemies and collect GEM’s in a vibrant, unusual world..

Earn GEMs on telos as you play through this fast-paced game

Angry Warlords is like no ‘crypto game’ you have ever seen. Enhanced and not hindered by the addition of blockchain technology. Players earn GEM’s on the Telos blockchain where the developer Gems Lab(AKA 233 Labs) has created a clean onboarding experience for users. Unlike games on other blockchains the paying for accounts, transactions, or even remembering a private key is able to be obfuscated from the user experience.


A modern side scroller. You're a young Warlord riding a feisty Rhino you can pimp out with awesome mods.

GEM’s are earned for slashing enemies. They have real-world value, you can buy them already in-game. In fact, they will soon be on Newdex where you will be able to trade them to other players for TLOS!

Buy more gems or earn them as you play!

But what can you actually do with GEM’s?

Well, you can buy items, like Shields and speed! These items help you get through to new levels of the game where you can earn even more.

Buy items to help you get through levels.

Don’t spend all your GEM’s though as the most awesome thing you can use GEM’s for is to upgrade your Rhino which can be quite expensive but totally worth it!

Check out the awesome RHINO FIRE upgrade below!

Upgrading your Rhino gets expensive! Hence the importance of GEM’s!

GEM’s are held on the immutable Telos blockchain ledger and will likely be in-game currency for future games from Gems lab!

The Angry Warlords game was quietly released for beta testing over the weekend. Each new player is given a .lord account on the telos blockchain. We have seen 1000s of transactions streaming onto the telos blockchain since it went live on Friday evening pre any real marketing.

Now it’s been a little battle-tested it's your turn! Find your nearest Android device laying around because its time to claim your .lord account and become an Angry Warlord on Telos!

If you only have Apple devices, be patient, the iOS version is only weeks away! Until then consider downloading an android emulator on your computer such as Bluestacks!

Play Angry Warlord on Telos

Become a Gemslab Ambassador




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