Murmur, a blockchain-powered social network, is coming to Telos in March

We’re happy to announce that the social network Murmur will be moving over to the Telos network soon, attracted by its lower-cost transactions and supportive ecosystem.

Murmur is a new-age, blockchain-based, decentralized microblogging platform, available via the web, iOS, and Android. It’s open, transparent, and allows users to monetize their content.

Murmur is also an independently operated platform, which means it is less corruptible and resistant to regulation. Its migration to Telos should be completed by the end of March, says Abhinav Ramesh, Murmur’s co-founder.

“The more we looked at Telos, the more it became obvious it was a place we wanted to build for the future,” said Ramesh. “There’s a lot of overlap between the prevailing vision of the network as a purpose-driven community and our goals for Murmur as a fairer, more user-friendly social network.”

As EOSIO-based technologies, Murmur’s software and the Telos network are technically compatible by design. However, the Murmur team is doing final testing now before going live on Telos, just to make sure there are no unexpected hitches for existing users.

In addition to all the powerful features of the Telos network, Murmur will also get marketing and technical support from the Telos Foundation and community members. They’ll also benefit from aspects of Telos Economic Development Plan, which lays out incentives for various types of participants in the network.

“Adding Murmur is a big milestone for Telos as a platform,” said Justin Giudici, Chief Product Officer for the Telos Foundation. “Of course, at the foundation, we are happy to be working with Murmur’s awesome team. But just as important, their application brings further diversity to the Telos network. Adding a social network to the lineup of apps in other categories building on Telos brings it one step closer to being a truly complete platform for end users, with all the functionality they’re accustomed to from Big Tech’s closed ecosystems.”

Stay tuned as we get closer to Murmur’s launch on Telos!

The Telos Foundation and Murmur teams will continue providing updates as we get closer to the launch. You may want to join the murmur telegram to get the latest updates!

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