Peeranha Joins the Telos Network to Bring a Decentralized Q&A Platform to the Masses

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Dec 12, 2019 · 2 min read launched on the Telos Network to bring decentralized Q&A to the masses.

Technical question and answer websites, like Stackoverflow, help millions of developers each day and save them many hours of extra work. The users that answer questions on these websites provide huge value for the developer community. Even though these users are the lifeblood of such networks, they do not receive any financial rewards for their work. All they earn is a reputation and recognition. There is no doubt that reputation is important and helps find a better job with a higher salary, but is it really fair that all of the financial profits of their work are captured by a platform provider?

Startup Peeranha is trying to challenge these norms. Peeranha is a decentralized question and answer website that rewards users for helpful contributions in PEER tokens. Unlike a traditional Q&A website, the content on Peeranha is owned by users and the revenue of the platform is shared with the those that use it.

“We see the platform as collaboration of several types of players: users asking questions, users answering questions, visitors of the website looking for already available answers, platform developers and customers of the paid services on the platform. Our goal is to create a token economy that incentivizes all of the participants and rewards them fairly. We see us, platform developers, just as one of the participants who gets a share of the community rewards but not as the sole beneficiary of the platform.” Steve Kreynin, co-founder of Peeranha says.

Peeranha will focus on helping blockchain projects initially. Those communities are too small for Stackexchange and do not have any go place to go for Q&A. Blockchain communities are also ideal because they share Peeranha’s mission of a user-centric web and more likely to understand the value of a token on a platform like Peeranha.

Seamless user experience was one of the highest priorities of the team while building Peeranha. That is why a blockchain based on EOSIO was the choice. EOSIO provides very fast transaction confirmation, supports a high number of transactions per second, and transactions are free for the end user. When choosing between the EOS and Telos blockchains, the team decided to deploy on Telos.

“Telos was the choice for various reasons. It provides significant cost benefits. It has a very supportive community of like minded people that understands the needs of application developers. Changes proposed by the Telos community make a lot of sense.” says Sergey Ilin, CTO of Peeranha.

To learn more about Peeranha, please visit

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