TEACH Coin: Creating Educational Engagement on Telos:

Mina Bebawy, an Egyptian Science and Physics teacher who runs eatschools.com (Education and Technology for Schools) and the creator of TEACH coin, approached The Telos Foundation, requesting assistance with the creation of Telos accounts for his students.

As there is a cost associated with the creation of accounts on EOSIO based blockchains due to the network resources required for each account, Telos understood the need for free account creation, and provides for 1M free accounts. Mina recognized this, and seized on the opportunity for his students:

“Dear Telos Foundation:

I am a science and Physics teacher from Egypt who wants to motivate students for learning and investing at the same time.

Mina Bebawy and his students

Without having free accounts for students with suitable resources our Dapp won’t exist on the real world. We are working on creating educational motivating games based on TEACH coin that would require these accounts and resources.

Students will earn TEACH coins from eatschools.com for answering quizzes and educational activities according to their grades in the ratio 1(Grade):1(TEACH) and they can exchange TEACH in exchanges with real money and other cryptocurrencies to get money that will change their future from doing their educational activities.

If we have enough resources and interactive website as I dream. I will go to all schools and explain the idea and try to involve them all as I can. Also if we have enough resources and the dapp worked fine I will go to the minister of Education here in Egypt and I will try to explain the project to him.”

Mina then provided a list of predefined accounts and keys to the Telos Foundation, and using the same injection script used to launch the Telos Blockchain Network, The Foundation quickly created the accounts on chain. Once the accounts were created, Mina was able to deploy his smart contract creating one of the first Tokens built on Telos — the TEACH Token!

“I want to thank TELOS Foundation for their support and for changing the lives of my students.

“Thank you so much for creating more than 2000 Telos accounts for my students for free! Also for staking the Telos to students accounts and not delegating them, because my students can’t pay for creating accounts or staking Telos for resources.”

Mina Bebawy teaching his students

The Foundation looks forward to fulfilling its mandate in supporting innovations on Telos such as TEACH coin. If you have an innovation to deploy on Telos, please contact us at hello@telosfoundation.io.