Telos Adds Support for Magic — Making the Telos EVM and Web 3.0 Passwordless!

Ditch Passwords, Delight Users

Telos is proud to announce that we’ve added support for Magic! Magic will give users the power to login into blockchain apps launched on the new Telos EVM with only their email address or phone. No more struggling to remember passwords, seed phrases, or private keys — that’s a problem for the past.

Keep reading to learn more about Magic and how it will make the Telos EVM dApp experience so much faster and efficient for our users!

Magic Highlights

Adding support for Magic will let our Telos community members set up to login to Telos EVM apps with their email or mobile devices!

Going passwordless eliminates the need for managing multiple passwords. It also increases security for you and your projects, as you no longer have to manage a valuable database of encrypted passwords.

And just like the Telos EVM, Magic is lightning fast: it only takes a few seconds to log on, which gives you faster access to DeFi, NFTs, and other kinds of projects within the Telos EVM ecosystem.

Any dApp developers should take note of this awesome collaboration and check out Magic’s website for more details. Projects and developers will need to pay for Magic transactions after the first 10,000 logins; each future transaction will cost $0.0085 at the time of writing.

Learn more about integrating Magic to your project here using only a few lines of code. Let’s make Web 3.0 passwordless together with the Telos EVM and Magic!

About Telos

Telos EVM is the most powerful and scalable Ethereum Smart Contract platform available today that is built to power Web 3.0. Telos features a robust, third-generation, ESG compliant evolutionary blockchain governance system including smart contracts, advanced voting features, and flexible and user-friendly fee models.

Built, tested and verified by developers for real-world mass adoption, Telos remains one of the most decentralized blockchain platforms today and encompasses two leading protocol technologies in a single blockchain. Telos supports the blockchain ecosystem by serving as an incubator and accelerator for decentralized applications through community votes development grants. For more information, please visit

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About Magic

Passwordless is inevitable for online security. By delegating authentication to a user’s email, mobile, or hardware device, users no longer have to wrestle with remembering passwords for the ever-increasing number of services that they interact with.

By focusing on delivering amazing developer and user experiences, Magic aims to make passwordless the gold standard for online applications.

One of our core principles is to allow developers to completely own their user authentication experience — building relationships directly with their end-users. This way, they are no longer susceptible to the control and risks induced by centralized identity lock-in from Facebook, Apple, and Google.

Magic is the bridge to a more secure and authentic Internet, and authentication is just the beginning. By leveraging future-proof PKI and identity technology under-the-hood, Magic also lets developers tap into new infrastructures such as IPFS and blockchain — unlocking endless possibilities and innovative business models.



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