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Telos Fuel

  • Telos Boost- Liquidity Incentives for dApps on Telos
  • Telos Yield — Liquidity and incentives for DeFi platforms (DEXes, Lending/Borrowing etc)
  • Bootstrap Phase
  • Launch Phase
  • Inferno Phase
  • Telos Staking Rewards — 24m TLOS
  • Liquid Staking (sTLOS) on tEVM
  • Vested/Flexible staking on tNative.
  • CeFi staking

Telos Boost — Liquidity Incentives for dApps on Telos

Telos Yield — Liquidity and incentives for DeFi platforms

  1. At the time of launch, we will start with the Bootstrap Phase before rolling out the general incentive program for all DeFi protocols.
  2. We plan to run a bootstrap liquidity initiative to kickstart the markets and secure at least $100m in TVL across all the DeFi protocols on Native and EVM.
  3. We aim to increase our CeFi liquidity and depth alongside. To achieve this, we planned to work with select strategic partners with the resources and incentivize them to reach the goal.
  4. As the initiative rolls out, the list of partners in the Bootstrap Phase will be made public over the next couple of weeks.

Telos Staking Rewards

  • All the team members with access to privileged information must sign NDAs and commit that no anticipatory financial actions are taken with the information.
  • All the decisions regarding exchange listings, market-making, allocating liquidity and incentives will be made by the core team (Director, team leads, analyst etc.) in cooperation with representatives from TF & TCD to ensure strategic alignment and unbiased decision making.
  • All the decisions regarding liquidity incentives allocation will be made with objective criteria and strategic focus in an unbiased fashion. Some of the basic criteria include audits through reputable firms, clear strategic growth plans, social stats, platform stats (TVL, Volumes) etc. More detailed guidelines will be presented at a later date by the team.
  • The team leads are responsible for scheduling bi-weekly/monthly meetings with the team to update the community and TF & TCD representatives with the status of funds, comparative stats etc.
  • The team leads ensure that proper tracking and/or audits are maintained for the different financial transactions being made.
  • The team members who are working full-time or part-time will be compensated using the TF legal entity.
  • TF legal entity will be used for all the external relations, and the TF CEO will be the signer of the agreements etc.
  • The team will be funded using the funds the team manages and by allocating 150k TLOS/month from the Telos Fuel Fund.


  1. Where will Telos Fuel funds come from?
  2. The new TEDP3 proposal allocates 1.7m TLOS/month to the Telos Fuel Fund. In addition, 2.5m TLOS from WPS and 3m TLOS from Economic Development Fund (EDF) will be allocated initially to start the program.
  3. Who will profit from Telos Fuel rewards distributed to exchanges and AMMs?
  4. The rewards are only distributed when the exchanges and AMMs meet certain criteria in terms of TVL etc. Therefore, it’s up to the receiving teams to decide how they would like to utilize the rewards. But we encourage them to incentivize their communities as much as possible.
  5. Will the rewards distribution to exchange users/retail investors be reinforced by Telos?
  6. No, Telos will not be able to enforce this, but we encourage and believe exchanges have a shared interest in rewarding their users for staking on their platforms.
  7. How will the success of the initiative be monitored and reported?
  8. The Liquidity and Exchanges team will publish monthly updates as part of the monthly TF newsletter and detailed quarterly reports highlighting the outcomes and future roadmaps.

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