Telos Blockchain Network — Weekly Report — December 14th, 2018

Launch Day Arrives for Telos!

There is really only story for the Telos community this week, with different facets, but all of the same story. After five months (six months for me and the rest of the GoodBlock team), the Telos Mainnet has launched and it was almost as boring as I’d hoped. We set a date, the ABPs did a lot of extra testing, and the chain has so far kicked off without a hitch. We’ve had several validations from within the TLG and from independent validators, that we recorded the accounts exactly as we said we would, (yawn) and the almighty eosio account was retired and the chain launched without incident (Zzzzz).

Still, the Mainnet launch was only almost boring, despite our best efforts. You may recall, I think edge of your seat action is for movies and sports matches. Blockchains should be boring, predictable, and steady so that the apps built on them can shine and be trusted. But for all this emphasis on being “the boring blockchain” I must admit that these past few days have been pretty exciting. The part that gets my head spinning is that we are voting for the Telos Foundation board of directors who will help guide the growth and promotion of the chain. We’re doing this entirely on-chain with an election that lets candidates be nominated by others, accept the nomination, and then allows a board of 12 be elected by about 80 holders of Telos Foundation Voting Tokens (TFVTs) — all from the Sqrl wallet. This election is conducted on blockchain and even allows candidates to upload a statement to an IPFS server. How many new and unique features can we pack into one little vote?

If you are new to Telos, welcome. We know that the launch has attracted a lot of new attention. As I’ve said before, this is the starting line. We are eager to grow Telos with dependability from great BPs, with passion from excited tokenholders, with innovation from a leading core developer team, and innovation from the apps preparing to deploy on Telos. In the near future, you can expect IPFS to expand from just the governance documents to a feature apps can take advantatge of, too. There are more great features coming.

Please join us for the Telos World conference and vote for 30 block producers or a proxy of your choice to keep the new chain secure.

Go Telos!

— Douglas Horn

Here’s what we accomplished this week:

  1. Telos Launch Group votes toe launch the mainnet.
  2. Telos Mainnet is Launches!
  3. New Sqrl Wallet v0.5.4
  4. BP Compliance Testing
  5. Public Guidance Price for RAM purchases
  6. “Telos Blockchain Network Essentials” Published
  7. Telos World Conference Friday, December 14th

1. Telos Launch Group Votes to Launch the Mainnet

After five months of preparation and testing, the Telos Launch Checklist officially went full green just in time for a final and decisive “Go/No-Go” vote on December 8th, 2018 at 17:00 UTC. As expected, the Launch Group enthusiastically decided that the network was ready to “Go” with a final vote of: Yes — 25, No — 0, Abstain — 0.

Watch the full “Go/No-Go” vote:

View the completed Launch Checklist:

2. Telos Mainnet Launches

Following the launch and a period of a few days to close out the internal accounting of the Telos Founders Rewards Pool, the six Appointed Block Producers (ABPs) of the Telos Launch Group executed the previously published launch script for the Telos Mainnet on December 12th, 2018 at 17:46 UTC. Following Mainnet launch, the ABPs initiated the injection stage to write all 164,645 of the accounts, along with their keys and balances, to the blockchain from the genesis snapshot file. The chain was frozen for 24 hrs during the validation stage to allow ABPs and external validators to run their own scripts and confirm account balances, and was unfrozen earlier today at 20:00 UTC following successful testing. These scripts are publicly available for transparency. The primary developers and system administrators guiding the Mainnet launch are: Craig Branscom, Peter Bue, Ed Silva, Stephanie Sunshine, and Douglas Horn (GoodBlock); Marlon Williams (Telos Miami); Josep Rosich (EOS Barcelona), J.T. Buice (KainosBP); Jesse Schulman (CalEOS); Madalin Barbulescu (Amplified Telos), Jerry Huff (BlindBlocArt), Daniel Uzcategui (Telos Venezuela), and Daniel Lazor (EOS Metal)

Version 1.0.0 of Oak is based on eosio.CDT v1.4.1 and eosio 1.4.4. Among other features, some improvements such as extensive governance smart contracts and a revised BP payment distribution system are especially noteworthy. Learn about all the new features and install Oak v1.0.0:

The full report on the Telos Mainnet activation stages — injection, validation, pre-activation, and activation — is available here:

This article provides a detailed overview of the validation process, making it possible for independent users to validate the Telos genesis block for the sake of transparency and accountability.

EOSphere Mainnet validation:

BlindBlocArt Mainnet validation:

EOS Dublin independent validation:

EOS Nairobi independent validation:

3. New Sqrl Wallet v0.5.4

The latest update to the Telos wallet Sqrl introduces new features such as IPFS storage, the ability to create worker proposals and ratify/amend governance documents, arbitration voting, support for all EOS.IO blockchains and free account registration (coming to the Mainnet soon. Marlon Williams (Telos Miami) is the mastermind behind Sqrl, and be sure to check out the Telos Miami website for a trove of useful guides and video tutorials:

Download Sqrl v0.5.4:

4. BP Compliance Testing

Simple compliance requirements such as providing valid contact information, ownership disclosures, and meeting minimum infrastructure requirement ensure that BPs have the capacity to support Testnet and Mainnet operations on the Telos Blockchain Network. This article is a must-read if you are interested in joining Telos as a BP.

5. Telos Blockchain Network Essentials Published

Activating the Telos Blockchain Network is an intricate process, so read the “Telos Blockchain Network Essentials” for a reference guide of key features and a compilation of all the resources that you need to stay informed:

6. Public Guidance Price for RAM purchases

RAM Administration Director Jan Smit published the starting Public Guidance Price (PGP), a critical step in establishing a stable RAM market and fostering DApp development on Telos Blockchain Network:

7. Telos World Conference Friday, December 14th

Telos-21Zephyr and GoodBlock have schedule a full day of discussions and workshops for the Telos World Conference happening now on December 14th, 2018. Tune in via the Youtube Livestream:

Visit the Telos World website for a full schedule and speaker list:

Read the full Telos World Conference announcement here:



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