Telos Mainnet Activates at Block 1,000,040

Telos Foundation
Dec 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Rule compliance enforced among Telos block producers

On Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 at 14:15:16 UTC, The Telos Blockchain Network passed block 1,000,040 and activated under the control of block producers who have been elected by tokenholder voting over the past 5.8 days. The first Telos block producer was caleosblocks.

Telos users may now perform any action they choose on their accounts. Previously TLOS tokens could not be unstaked. Unstaking requires three days for a staked token to become liquid and transferrable. Telos accounts may be accessed using the software wallet Sqrl, Scatter 10, the Awake mobile wallet or MEOW cold wallet tool. All wallets are available at

In accordance with the Telos Core Governance Documents, particularly the Block Producer Minimum Requirements document, the elected block producers executed temporary actions removing from service (a.k.a. “kicking”) those block producers who had not met the minimum requirements.

There is a minimum requirement of participating in the Telos Testnet for at least a week before serving as a block producer on the Telos mainnet. Those BP candidates who had not fulfilled this requirement were kicked for the amount of time still required on the testnet. Removal was by means of multisig action requiring signatures of at least 15 of the 21 current block producers.

Block producer candidates kicked for 168 hours for failure to meet the testnet participation requirement are: gqytqnjtguge, blockchained, eosouwallet1, kesaritooooo.

Block producer candidates are also expected to disclose contact and ownership information, and accessible connection endpoints. Block producers that are not in compliance may be kicked for 2 hours on the first instance, then 4 hours, progressing by powers of 2 with each kick, but reducing the amount by one (power of 2) for each 12 hours without a kick.

Block producer candidates kicked for 2 hours for failure to meet the disclosure requirements are: telosinspace, eossandiego1, eosvenezuela, jijiplannode, telosflorida, telosafrique, beyondbtctls. Of these, eosvenezuela, jijiplannode, and eossandiego1 have come into compliance.

Notably, 43 Telos block producers were found to be in compliance at launch and did not require kicking, including 27 who had been members of the Telos Launch Group (TLG) and 16 who were not a part of the TLG. The TLG has been disbanded and its remaining functions, such as business development, developer and user support, and promotion of the chain, will be taken up by the Telos Foundation.

More information about how to be a part of the Telos Blockchain Network can be found on the website

The Telos Network Blog

Articles about the Telos Blockchain Network

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Telos Foundation is an entity charged with promoting Telos, a networked ecosystem for turning purpose into reality.

The Telos Network Blog

Articles about the Telos Blockchain Network

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