Telos is Thrilled to Announce Partnership with OCP — Auto-Compound your $TLOS Farms!

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Nov 4, 2021 · 3 min read
Telos x Omni Consumer Protocols.

TLOS farmers, it’s time to get some new tools! Telos is thrilled to announce a partnership with Omni Consumer Protocols. OCP offers an array of DeFi services, including auto-compounding for liquidity pools.

Our new partnership with OCP will let our community members get the best APY on their TLOS liquidity pools! Using OmniSTEAKS with our $TLOS-BNB LP on PancakeSwap, for example, will ensure that any rewards you receive are sold and reinvested into the pool to increase your stake.

As a reminder, always do your own research when utilizing DeFi rewards. Due diligence is a requirement for getting into DeFi or using the many tools that make it function!

As OCP’s leader Bixby Snyder puts it, “Our protocol sits on top of other farms — then we sell the rewards back into the original tokens on your behalf, really fast, a lot.”

Intrigued? Read on to learn more!

How to Use OmniSTEAKS

So, you’re using a farm or liquidity pool and want to use OmniSTEAKS to benefit from the increased APY?

Our new friends at OCP have laid out the four easy steps you’ll have to take to get on board.

First, make sure to take out your $TLOS — $BNB tokens from whichever farm they’re in. Next, go to OmniSteaks. Then click on the $TLOS-$BNB LP pair to add liquidity. Finally, approve everything on the site and in your wallet, hit deposit, and you’ll be ready to go!

Check out a more thorough explanation of the steps here. We hope this raises the steaks — er, stakes — for your $TLOS farming!

About OCP

OCP aims to be the first DeFi conglomerate, building an interconnected network of platforms focused on leveraging value from existing and emerging crypto assets, empowering users with financial tools that make their assets work for them.

For more info and any further questions please reach out on our socials.

We are always active, and our most veteran and experienced community members are ever eager to share their guiding wisdom.

Omni Consumer Protocols

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