Telos Testnet BP Compliance Testing

As we get nearer to activation of the Telos Blockchain Network (“TBN”), we’ve begun the process of testing block producer compliance, so as to help prepare BPs to meet compliance requirements for participation on the Telos mainnet.

Starting today (Dec 7, 2018), we will be checking that all BPs are in compliance as set out in the BP minimum requirements (

We will not be enforcing timing issues right now (such as the requirement that a BP must participate in the testnet for 7 days prior to being able to produce on the mainnet), and WE WILL NOT BE REMOVING ANYONE RIGHT AWAY. If we can’t get ahold of a BP, then they are out of compliance, as providing contact information is one of the minimum requirements.

Starting on Monday 10th December 2018, we will begin unregistering BPs from the testnet for non-compliance, and publishing BP compliance “scores”. The first time a BP is removed (“kicked”) will last for 2 hours, the 2nd for 4 hours, the 3rd for 8 hours, and so on. Understand that removal requires a vote by 2/3 +1 of the top 21 BPs, so part of this testing is to see how quickly we can coordinate this crucial act of governance of which BPs play an essential role.

We hope that nobody is surprised if/when they are removed. Ideally, if you have not yet met the minimum requirements, you would have been contacted ahead of time and given an opportunity to resolve any issues prior to being removed. However, it is, and will always be the responsibility of a Telos Block Producer to know their responsibilities.

Once Telos has launched, every BP must be in compliance from day one on the mainnet. This is not optional or arbitrarily enforced. We view this testnet compliance enforcement as a way to better test the enforcement actions, including the human factor. It’s our sincere hope and intention that any BPs that are kicked from the testnet will learn more quickly how to achieve and maintain compliance for the mainnet — without the real cost that would be suffered by being kicked from the mainnet. You can find information regarding compliance and block producer minimum requirements on the front page of our testnet monitor:

Please contact with any questions. Thank you for your support in this critical testing of the Telos Blockchain Network!