The Telos Blockchain Is Now Carbon Neutral

At Telos, it’s always been our mission to create a blockchain that benefits the planet while empowering its users. As a result, we’re proud to announce that our blockchain is now carbon neutral!

This commitment is being fulfilled in the form of biochar, which sequesters carbon (removes it from the atmosphere permanently), rather than buying emission avoidance credits.

We’ve partnered with Plannet Zero, part of RedShaw Advisors Ltd, a leading carbon risk management firm. To do this, they’ve calculated our carbon footprint by analyzing the Telos blockchain’s energy consumption over the life of the chain. This analysis dates back to the first block ever generated in late 2018.

We believe this is not just the right thing to do for Telos, but it’s what’s best for the planet. So we’re excited to be taking this step and will continue to look at ways we can positively impact both people and nature.

About Telos

The Telos EVM is the most powerful and scalable Ethereum Smart Contract platform available today built to power Web 3.0. Telos features a robust, third-generation, ESG compliant evolutionary blockchain governance system inclusive of smart contracts, advanced voting features, flexible and user-friendly fee models. Telos supports the blockchain ecosystem by serving as an incubator and accelerator for decentralized applications through development grants. Come build with us.

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