TOP 5 Decentralised Social Media App APPICS Joins Telos — Telos | Blockchain Platform for Web 3.0

Welcome Appics!

Firstly, a big welcome to the APPICS social community, we look forward to our two communities coming together as one to improve social media.

What is Appics?

Caroline from Coinfomania explains it well

It’s a social platform that supports posting and voting on decentralized content such as music, fashion, and food. It is very similar to Instagram but allows users to earn cryptocurrency for posting and voting.

Caroline John — Coinfomania

Check out the Coinfomania article APPICS Exits Steem Network; Joins Telos Blockchain to Improve Performance

Why APPICS chose Telos?

New Social Media Reward System
The existing reward system APPICS was using in Steem wasn’t fit for purpose so the foundation worked closely with APPICS to develop a social media smart contract layer that makes Telos one of, if not the most Social App friendly blockchain platforms available. We look forward to releasing more information on this developer product soon.

Account Creation
Currently on Steem, APPICS has needed to hold off on a celebrity influencer campaign due to limitations with Steem account creation among other concerns.

Telos has the speed, scalability and user experience few other blockchains including Steem can match.

Uma, the APPICS CEO had this to say:

When we learned about Telos and its advanced technical features, especially being able to create instant accounts, we knew it was the right fit to help us deliver the best possible user experience.

CEO of APPICS, Uma Hagenguth

Find out more about Telos

Telos is a very powerful general purpose blockchain and web 3.0 platform built and maintained by a talented decentralised community. We utilise the eosio protocol which we believe to be the best technology available and have augmented it with customised governance and product layer. Telos uniquely never did an Initial Coin Offering(ICO) and doesn’t have a centralised entity in control of it’s blockchain platform.

Find out more about Telos at where you can create an account and explore Telos’ growing application list and where you will find other impressive Social Media Apps like style influencer platform Newlife.AI and Question & Answer network

Join Appics Today

APPICS is currently in beta but you can start earning by joining early for a small fee.

Building a decentralised Social Media App ?

Check out our Social Media use case page

Originally published at on August 11, 2020.




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